Ready? Set ... Go!

Ciao peeps. Need to go to the airport in like 1-2 hours. So I will be leaving tonight. Will transit in Amsterdam at 5 something am Sunday morning and reaching Rome by 10 am Sunday. So that's like 4 pm Singapore or 3 pm Jakarta on Sunday.

Excited? Nervous more like it but at this point in time I just need to go :) Everyone around me are like totally excited about this, perhaps only mom is worried. However I have made my way to the temple this morning for blessing and protection and hope that God takes care my parents and so that they won't be worried so much. The temple was also kinda the place where I started this "walkabout" of mine and so I like to believe that all of this are within God's plans and permission.

I kinda would like to thank the friends and family who have been so nice to me and extremely supportive throughout this journey. Mom and dad are of course amazingly understanding. Gonna call them before I go. As for friends, these few are the amazing ones, Rista who's always been encouraging and Vivy who was there when I was preparing stuff and prayed for me. Ms. J and the Flying Nun were among the first I shared the news with and I still remember Ms. J voicing her worries because I'm going alone but half of her thought that what I'm doing is cool :P Then there was Casryn, whom I shared a lot of my worries with. It's very nice of her to hear me talk over and over again about the trip. There was Oshie who was always encouraging from the beginning. Gotta love him. His last advice was I need you to have fun and spend money and have a blasting good time :) Then there was Carl whose excitement are amazing. Her advices are valuable and the kind her told P that I was going to Italy and though I will not be going to Milan, P was kind enough to contact me and gave me his number in case of emergency. I really love my Italian classmates, they are so humbly friendly. Then there was NanSee who keeps asking me how I am over and over and reminded me again over and over of things to bring. She is nice. She gave the same advice as Gascoigne about me needing to be excited since I have spent so much money :P

Then the people in my daily environment have also been very nice and wished me well on this journey. Yesterday, I was kinda touched that YeeMaggio and Roo made the time and effort to wish me well for my trip. I don't actually talk to them often but they remember and they were so nice. All in all, all these kindness from all this people kinda make me have to do well on this trip and fight on and have a time of my life :)

Just for some trivia on this trip which plays in my head quite often. The number 3 pops up quite often on this trip. I'm 27 now so it's 33. It was 9 years ago, in the year 2000 that I took a plane alone. It was from Jakarta to Singapore. I took KLM and fast forward to know, again it's KLM that will take me all the way to Italy and in Italy I will be visiting 3 cities. This is another alone journey. The case is different from 9 years ago but I think both are kinda life changing (I hope). The person (I hope) is slightly more mature now. Eka was 18 and was alone when she first made her trip to Singapore and now at 27 she is also alone but she knows that she wouldn't want it any other way. See you soon peeps. Stay tune!

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