Leg 2 - Firenze

Hello guys. Again waiting for the train to Venezia. Don't really have much time to write. So just in short gonna let you know what I did.

Had a Tuscany tour in which I visited Siena, a tuscanian farm, San Gimignano, and Pisa. The time given for each of the places were rather short but it was kinda the best day so far, I guess because I met nice people there. In the Tuscanian farm, which is Fattoria Poggio Alloro, I kinda had the best meal I had so far, but maybe because of the people and I was hungry. Not really a wine person but did try 3 wines there. In San Gimignano, I had the best gelato of my whole entire life! Stupid me didn't have second :( Then the leaning tower of Pisa was smaller than I expected :P

Then also went to Cinque Terre, but the day just didn't start well and so I don't think my experience there was amazing. I was in awe with the blue water though. That was nice but I guess Cinque Terre didn't live up to my expectation. I don't know maybe because we didn't have much time, having to catch the train here and there that we weren't able to see many things.

It's hot in Firenze and I am actually 3-4 shades darker or browner. I guess summer is really coming. I hope I am skinnier, I walk a whole freaking lot! In Firenze, did see Michaelangelo's David and did enter Gli Uffizi. The disappointment is I'm not able to see the tombs of Michaelangelo and Galileo Galilei. I tried like 3 times to go to Santa Croce church but because of some football stuff here that it's closed :'( Me and tombs, no luck all the time :(

Well, cannot elaborate more because I gotta go. Wish me well peeps. Ciao.

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