Went to watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine with Vivy today. I guess this movie marks the beginning of the summer block busters which I will be watching a lot in weeks to come.

Wolverine was not bad. It entertained me more than I expected to. You see, actually I wasn't interested much in the movie. I watched it for the sake of watching it because this is definitely one of those movies which are gonna be the talk of the world. I feel the mutants in the movie are like every boy's dream even though I'm a girl. It's just some of the things that the mutants can do are so freaking cool. Who wouldn't want to be as big as Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber. Seriously though, they were so bulky! Too bulky for me actually. Anyway, the stunts that the mutant did were just amazing, the leap, the power. I felt there were some silly parts but overall they were cool and it's enviable. I'm gonna be like Ms. J and go completely gugu gaga over Daniel Henney. I found him to be surprisingly looking so Asian in this movie, while when he's in the Korean drama from which I got to know him, he doesn't really look so Asian. So overall, it's not so bad. It didn't necessarily blow me away but still it was quite entertaining.

Gonna spend the rest of today watching TV. I feel kinda depressed that the weekend gonna ends soon, this is despite we're having a long weekend this week *sigh* Me and Vivy couldn't finish our lunch today that we had to doggy bag some of our food and yet I found my stomach to be quite empty now. I don't really feel like writing much today though there are perhaps things to say. I guess I don't feel like sharing much. Have a good one peeps!

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