Hello guys! The number for today's date is kinda nice.

The plan for today was to watch Star Trek but in the end I didn't. It's because I missed the correct timing and in the end was too lazy to wait for the next available one. Kinda really want to watch it though and so little time!!!

Woke up rather late today. I shouldn't indulge much in sleeping in. I missed the morning sun! However I really couldn't resist the temptation of sleeping in a bit more. Had my first taste of Friday's engagement yesterday evening. Kinda got the taste of the rhythm of what my Fridays will be like. From now on, I have to dash out by 05:30 pm (earlier would be better). Quickly grab some bread to eat, take 2 trains, and then quickly eat the bread. Focus and work hard for 3 hours and then finally get back to my room. Based on yesterday's experience, it will be around 10:30 pm that I finally touch down in my room. Long Fridays from now on.

So how was it yesterday? Well, on one part, I wondered why on earth did I put myself into this? Why??? After the whole thing, I wasn't really inspired. I'm confused. I don't think I got anything yesterday and yet as much as I feel to fail this is gonna be effortless, I still want to fight. I feel I am the type of person who will do something until its completion is in acceptable standard (by my standard). I hope I really can hang on because I cannot take failure. Yesterday, I did make a friend though. The more I think about it, the more I think fate was in play. She's an Indonesian from Medan and she's kinda quite bubbly and quite encouraging. Some of the rests seem to be quite fun too. I look forward to get to know them.

Anyway, I realize how I miss my Italian classes!!! *sob sob* I miss meeting my Italian teachers (any of them). I miss having classes with my classmates, except for R. It was really a good ride back then, a really interesting one *sigh*

On other news, this week Dewi told me that she and boyfriend are opening up a small cafe. Rista had her first bungee jump in New Zealand. Vivy experience her first full week working like the commoners, with normal office hours (speaking of which, this effectively stops our occasional lunches *sigh*). I'm pretty sure many other leaps happened to other people and yet I found myself living another week totally feeling that I am wasting away *sigh* Today I made it to the temple and found myself dumbstruck because it was so crowded and then I realized that it's Vesak day, or Waisak in Indonesian. Anyway, I prayed so that I can fulfill my responsibility well and I asked for guidance and focus in completing what I am supposed to do and I really hope so. Somehow writing about that got me feeling quite depressed. Aaarrghhh. Gonna watch tv now, ciao peeps!

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