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BooHoo, I am going to start off by screaming (again) on how hot the weather is. Seriously I wonder if it's just me :( aarrgggh.

Went to watch CATS the musical with la Gioia and Lois yesterday. I did read about it in Wikipedia before coming to the show. From the article in Wikipedia, I had my doubt if CATS is really any good. It doesn't seem to be having a strong storyline. I have to say that I am quite right. Story wise, it wasn't that amazing. I think it's also because we couldn't understand some of the things sung that we didn't feel much about the story. I think Lois dozed off in some of the parts and la Gioia even said that she was quite sleepy on some parts. I did also yawn here and there. However, despite of the storyline not being strong, it doesn't mean that the show is bad. The cast were amazing. They danced amazingly and some of them were close to being acrobatic that it was really cool. The fact that they could sing and dance just bring envy to your heart of how some people can be so talented.

The "cats" were out and about the audience during the intermission, that I felt rather sad that we weren't sitting near the aisle, because I would have loved to touch them. My favorite cat is definitely Rum Tum Tugger! The fact that I fall for such narcissistic and playful cat kinda worry me a bit, because it does seem that I do fall for the wrong person. Anyway, he was just so captivating for me. So despite of his character which I wouldn't really like, I couldn't help being drawn to him. Another cool cat is Mr. Mistoffelees. I think he didn't sing at all but his ballet fouettés en tournant was definitely a crowd pleaser. Overall, I thought it was quite cool to be watching CATS. I wasn't really totally blown away but I'm glad that at least I got to watch it once. There was 1 song in Italian but unfortunately I didn't understand all the lyrics. I understood some words but I couldn't make out what the song is about. To be fair though, I didn't get some of the English songs as well.

Today, I took my new toy out to test it out. Casryn would have liked me to do so anyway since I have spent a lot of money on it. If you don't know what it is, you'll get some idea soon. I went to the Botanical Garden. This was only my second visit there. I kinda couldn't believe that I paid S$5 to enter the National Orchid Garden but oh well, at least now I can say I have visited it. I do have to see as much of Singapore as I can. Anyway, the experience was a hot one. Am I actually not an outdoor person? Hhmm ... I just didn't like the heat and on some areas there were bugs and insects and so I kinda squirmed like some silly girl. Here are the pictures. I still cannot get away from Photoshop.

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