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The tree outside my window is withering. Most of the leaves that it has are mostly yellow. With the heat that we have these days, I think it will be soon before what's left of it are just its branches. Yes, I am complaining again about the heat, the suffocating heat which makes me feel really so uncomfortable :'(

It's been a month since I last watched a movie. There aren't many good movies around these days. Summer blockbuster movies are coming but I have yet to find ones that I really look forward to. Today I went to watch The International with Vivy. Wanted to watch it because I saw Clive Owen in the trailer. It's been awhile since I last saw him and he's such an interesting actor. After some reading on the Net, I found the movie to be having such an interesting theme. It is about an international bank who is involved in activities like money laundering, arms trading, and the destabilization of governments (as quoted from Wikipedia). Seriously, sometime I wonder if these kind of movies come purely out of the imagination of the writers or they heard some hearsay and decided to put it down into a script. It's very frightening to know how the world is being "governed" by these unsuspecting people who have such power to dictate how things should happen and work in this world. No one govern them and yet their decision really control the world. One example in this movie is bankers controlling which rebel group can get the so called "loan" from their bank to stage a coup in a country. Many movies have repeated the lines that it's not about the money, it's about power and perhaps it's rightly so in this world.

Although I found the movie's theme to be interesting, I don't think the story was amazing. I'm not liking much of the characters, especially that of Clive Owen's. Naomi Watts was beautiful and somehow seemed taller than I thought she is. The way the story unfolded and the ending wasn't an amazing one for me. Vivy said that Clive Owen was so intense. I guess he was. He's a really good actor though I haven't watched many of his works but I am quite a fan. There was a line that I kinda like from the movie. It's, sometimes the hardest thing in life is to know which bridge to cross and which to burn. I like that. I guess I'm really not the kind of person who thinks everybody can live in harmony together :P

On other news, yesterday I tried to do something and I failed miserably. I am so disappointed, sad, stressed out, and depressed. Basically I'm broken. Talked to mom last night and she was really nice and supportive. I realize that perhaps I haven't had any big obstacles in my life for quite some time. At least I have none which affect me and matters a lot to me. As such this time around I got depressed easily. I am still fighting because though I have forgotten this, I realize that I am a fighter and I fight for the things that I really want. A quitter is not what I am and I know it's not something which is acceptable by my dad. So as hard as it seems right now, I have to fight because that's what I really have to do. I have to fight until I bleed out or all doors are closed and at the end of it, I know if I am worthy of it or if it's really not something which is meant for me. Anyway, if I cannot get through this, there's a small chance I can get through the bigger challenges ahead.

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