Sometimes life has a better idea.

I'm not having a good day today *sigh* Started off with feeling rather faint this morning that I had to quickly get out of the toilet to lie down on the floor and wait it out. I think it's low blood pressure. Watched an episode of House recently and found out that you really need to lie down when you are feeling faint so that blood can flow to your brain, if not you can actually die. In wikipedia it's written that after the symptoms have passed, sleep is recommended. However I didn't. In fact I went through my day as per normal today which was quite a long day for me. I was feeling rather dizzy, a bit nauseous and so not in the mood to deal with all the "merda" I have today *sigh*

Went to watch Marley & Me with la Gioia and NanSee yesterday. I kinda got excited about this movie because of Oshie who's been telling me that he wanted to watch the movie since months ago(!). He seemed so drawn to the story that he wanted to buy the book as well. I wonder if he has gotten it. Anyway, the movie was really good. The title of the post is actually a line from the movie. I really like it a lot. I heart Owen Wilson, love him, love him! I also quite like all the other actors, especially Alan Arkin who said the line above. However there's no denying that the movie is about the dog, Marley. I've never had a dog and watching the movie, it does seem rather nice to have a dog, but I don't know if I am a dog person and I really wouldn't want a dog as big and crazy as Marley. The movie was really touching that I teared at some parts. In fact many people in the cinema sobbed. When Marley died, everyone was feeling sad. I think it was really a beautifully crafted story.

Next week is my birthday. Obviously it's such a dreadful thing but I have to say I have been thinking about it. Thinking about what I want to do on my birthday is rather odd because I've never liked making a big deal out of it. If I were in Jakarta, I may celebrate it early and give myself a treat by watching Java Jazz this weekend. Though it seems that the line up of last year was better. Anyway, it's just a wish, because I doubt it would come true even if I were in Jakarta since none of my friends find it interesting.

Anyway, about my birthday. The only comfort I can think of is that I am turning 27. No more 26. I like odd number more than even number and I'm glad that it's gonna be over soon. Yes, it does sound so strange and unlike me to be excited about getting older. 27 is kinda a nice number, it's 33 and 2 + 7 is 9 whose factor is also 3, so the number 27 is kinda cool. I guess, I don't know. As usual I'm hoping for better things coming my way. Per favore Dio?

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