The Only Constant Thing In This World Is Change

I hope you have heard that wise line I use as the title of this post before. The first time I heard that line was in my IT marketing lecture when one of the Tan (there were 3 lecturers, all with the surname Tan) said that line. I remember feeling quite enlightened with how profound that line is.

This week brought me a very big change that I'm pretty sure gonna affect my life and my future. How big the changes for me will be, I am not sure yet because I am still very cautious about everything and I'm adopting a "wait and see" attitude. What happened was the Bapak, Ibu, and the Dr left us. Shocking indeed but everything must come to an end I suppose. I really didn't expect for them to leave us. I've kinda always dreamed of the day that I would leave them. Alas, it didn't come true. I didn't really know how I felt when I heard the news on Wednesday. Maybe I haven't internalized everything and I'm not sure I have digested everything even now. However these last few days did bring with it the bitter sweet of all the years that I spent with them, which is 5 years by the way! How long is that! I personally kinda had more memories with the Ibu and the Dr. The Ibu, being the tough her, had somewhat shaped me or to be more poetic, elevated me to where I am right now. In her goodbye message, one of the line she wrote was that I was absolutely trustworthy and effective, which really touched me. It mirrored what I wrote for her, which was I am thankful for all the trust and opportunity she had given me. Change is gonna happen that's for sure. But as I said, I am approaching everything with caution. Let's say, I am not in Obama land just yet, as some people are.

I kinda found the whole thing to be somewhat funny in a only-God-can-make-it-happen kinda way. People around me had screamed for me to make changes in this part of my life which obviously I haven't done and yet a change was brought into me. Like a wave in the ocean that toss things to the beach, this is somewhat what I feel, being carried by the wave. I'm nervous but I would like to believe that God has a reason for everything and of course I am repeating that line of, If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it. Anyway, I feel even if the so called worst thing should happen, it would perhaps be the best thing that happen to me. So at this point in time, I'm trying to keep my mind relaxed and have my mental pond still, though people around me, especially the one in Obama land may move so much to cause ripple in my pond :P

If you are wondering what I mean with Obama land, it's this land where people chant, "yes we can!", "change is gonna come", and all those other lines from Obama's presidential campaign, which is actually not a bad thing, really. I mean, I have an Obama wobble head so that means I do like and admire him. However I feel a little Simon Cowell is really needed. Some people just need to be brought down to Earth to see things more clearly and in perspective. Alright, I should really stop talking about this stuff.

So today was quite a good day spent. I've collected the Cats tickets, which I'm gonna watch with la Gioia and Lois. Then used my birthday treat voucher from GV to get 2 tickets for the price of 1 in GV Vivocity. I have to say, GV Vivocity has been pretty kind to me. One time I managed to collect tickets that Vivy booked without Vivy or her credit card. Only with the confirmation number, the boy at the counter trusted me enough to get his manager to key in some password to allow me to collect the tickets. Today, I was allowed to use the birthday treat even though I didn't have my GV card, which I lost. The term and condition said I should present the card. The boy at the counter actually spent some time reading the terms and condition when I gave him the print out. When he heard that I lost my card, he asked his manager who without hesitation said, "can, can!". Then the manager asked him to give me a new card and they didn't charge me the 5 bucks replacement fee!!! I guess they were really busy that they all forgot about this and so I left happily and a bit nervously :P I did pray that they would continue to be busy so that they totally forget about this, which they were. I hope me writing it here doesn't jinx me. So anyway, I just feel really lucky and happy to have my GV card back :D

Today I watched Confessions of a Shopaholic with Vivy. I like it very much because I found that it's really entertaining and also it's nice to see the handsome guy in British accent. Love him! A chick flick really need a handsome guy and he did good :P I thought Isla Fisher who played the main character Rebecca was really adorable and cute. This movie made me feel thankful that I have no financial debt in my life and thankful that I'm not impulsive in buying stuff. You know, it's been more than 3 weeks since I last watched a movie. I actually kinda can get away from the movies, can't I? Take care peeps!

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