How can you be loved when you're not there?

I do write a lot but I don't think I am that terrific with words. I mean sometime when I read Vivy's poem or her long thoughtful writings in her blog, I do find her talent of prose to be rather enviable. Sometime though, sometime, I thought I managed to come out with sentences or phrases which I thought (I being the operative word here) to be quite brilliant. In fact, of all the posts I have written all this time, only 1 line managed to capture someone else's attention, which was of Starfish. One time he told me, he loved my line of I miss them when I was with them 'cause then I knew what I miss. I have to say that I felt pretty flattered when he said he liked that line.

But anyway, the title is one of those line which I thought was quite smart of me to come out with. It was like an epiphany when I said that. How it happened was I was talking to this guy and being the interrogative me, I asked him how his days were and such and came that line above, which by reading it that way, you wouldn't be able to understand what it means. So to put it in context, it was something like this, How can you be loved when you're not (even) there (to be loved)?. Sadly though, after putting that in my msn nick, I wonder if that's not the case with me actually. I'm not at home, so I don't think I can be loved that deeply with people I know at home simply because I haven't spent much time there, to experience the ups and downs, the lows, and silly things *sigh* I don't want to open this chamber of thoughts that I have about this now. It's gonna be too depressing and I would just like a peaceful Saturday night *sigh*

So today, there's no movie. I did go out though. Went to Orchard to get presents for the March, April, and May babies. I got presents for 5 people and that cost me S$85. So that's kinda sad, but at least I got it done and now I can just send them to their respective countries. I haven't been in Orchard for the longest time. I used to go there almost every Saturday when I still had Italian class, which by the way I miss dearly. So it's kinda nice to be back there and experience my usual routine. I also went to Borders which I haven't gone for even longer time. Again, I was tempted to get the illustrated version of The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran and again I was too stingy to get it :( Today had its worse time though! So I was scouting for presents for my friends and I went to The Better Toy Shop in Taka and I saw R. OH MIO DIO!!! The moment I saw him talking to the cashier, I quickly got out of the store, and like that wasn't enough, I actually went down to a different level! My panic instinct just told me to go run for cover and I'm glad that I did that. Man! I tried to think if there's anyone that I would run away from like that, I actually thought I didn't have anyone but actually I do :P

Well, nothing much to say kids. Well at least nothing much that I can share freely with you. I wanna write though. I really wish I still have teachers to correct my grammar :(

É stata davvero inattesa ma lui è lui. Lui fa sempre come vuole. Per lei, lei sa che non può dire "no" a lui. Le piace troppo. Ha cominciato con un pò chiacchierata ma non è stato abbastanza per loro. Così hanno camminato più e hanno parlato più, nonostante fosse stato un pò sciocco perchè la fermata l'autobus è stata molto vicino a loro. Chissa? Forse perchè non hanno parlato per un lungo tempo? Vorrei pensare perchè segretamente gli manca e le manca. Comunque, hanno deciso avere una cena insieme. Hanno portato l'autobus e sono seduti molto vicino. É stato lui che ha messo il corpo vicino a lei, molto vicino. Lei ha pensato questa cosa che lui ha fatto fosse strana. Lei non ha capito lui. Infatti lei non capisce mai lui. Lei deve sempre indovinare il suo sentimento per lei. Ma lì, le è piacuto. Lei ha pensato che le piace il suo braccio, la sua pelle. Hanno parlato di fare l'amore molto durante la cena. É stato divertente, non è stato serio. Con lui è difficile per sapere se lui è serio. Quando hanno voluto tornare a casa, lui ha aspettato fino a l'autobus per lei arrivato nonostante lui fosse stanco. Nonostante lei avesse detto che lui non dovesse aspettare, veramente lei è stata felice che lui è stato lì. Lei ha un grande sentimento per lui. Le piace tantissimo e i momenti come questi danno una problema per lei. Perchè qualche volta, lui è molto dolce, ma un' altra volta lei non è dentro il suo mondo. L'amore è confuso? É davvero triste perchè lei ha proprio un grande sentimento per lui ma per lui, forse lei è una delle ragazze!

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