So today is the day Eka turns 3 to the power of 3. How was it today? Well, not bad actually. I have to say that it was quite a low key affair this year but I am not complaining much about it. Making a big deal out of birthday still doesn't feel like me. I actually tried not think so much about this change in number. In fact, I haven't made the time to talk to God, having dozed off in my bed while watching TV last night. Perhaps I am really losing interest and desire in life that even to make a wish doesn't excite me. I guess when I put my thoughts in making a wish, I will just be reminded and consumed with all the failures in my life hence why I am not all glee about it. Ain't I a depressing soul? :D

I did somehow didn't feel like spending today alone and good soul Ms. J yesterday asked me if I wanted to meet up with her. We did and she also kindly accompanied me to the Body Shop sale, where I spent S$71.40 on 3 bottles of fragrance, 1 bottle of body lotion, 1 bottle of hydrating body spray, and a tub of body scrub. Being the curious me, I calculated just how much all the things cost without the sale and I am happy to announce I saved 61 dollar! Good bargain! Definitely a sale worth going again. Seriously, seeing all the stuffs, you just want to grab everything! I think I have quite a good self-control? Or not ... whatever! I just feel happy that I saved quite an amount of money :P

I should state that Suntec is too darn crowded with the IT show. It kinda brought out the "dislike of people" feeling in me. Ms. J made a good suggestion to eat in Marina Square where we met Ms. Flying Nun as well. I really don't get to see these people often. Kinda good to catch up on things though same old same old can only be told about me. Ms. J said I really need to get out to purify myself of a certain poison (she did use the word 'poison') :P She's right of course since I've been told similar thing by Rista as well. Oh well.

I thought this post would also be filled with a certain disappointment that I have this week. However I found myself not caring that much anymore. I'm not saying that I'm not angry anymore ('cause I always and forever hold grudges) but I guess I have seen reasons for why things happened and I can see somewhat the so called fairness in it. So for now, nothing much to say. Mommy just told me that tomorrow is my Chinese Birthday, so to the temple I must go. Take care my dearest!

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