Spending Saturday Stupidly

Let me share with you how I spent my Saturday morning stupidly today. I had to renew my permanent residency status here in Singapore. Checked the website and I actually saw that it can be done online. But I got confused because it was written there that after the whole process I only had to print a piece of paper and the validity of the new PR status is only for 5 years. Currently I have a green card and was told by Oshie that when he renewed his PR status, he got 10 years easily. So since I wasn't sure about all this, I decided to go to Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

For whoever have dealt with applying for PR in Singapore or been to ICA, know that there's always a long long queue in ICA, so you gotta be there early because people are actually already forming long queue even before the building opens at 8 am. So I had to get up early today and I made it there by 9, where there was already a long queue. Got my queue number and form and after waiting for 2 hours, I finally got to the counter only to be told that since I didn't bring all the necessary accompanying documents, the lady cannot process my application and she said just do it online! I am a bloody idiot, don't you think? I want to kill myself more because of my stubborn brain who refused to read all the requirement correctly. I read the accompanying documents part but I just ignored those and I could actually be saved if I had asked the customer service about the things needed when I was queuing for the queue number and yet I didn't do that. So I wasted 2 hours of my life. Just now I did the online process and less than 10 minutes, I got approved! I don't even have to wait at all. I'm a moron!

Nevertheless, I am still very confused with this new system. The lady at the counter said they have changed the system, they're not giving green cards anymore. My biggest concern right now is when I am traveling out of Indonesia. All this time, I don't have to pay fiscal tax because of the green card as my proof of residency. But now without it, I wonder if the process will be as smooth or I have to declare some sort of certificate of residence as I was advised by a friend some time ago, which require me to fill in some form and passing to Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). Currently without the proper document, Indonesians who are traveling out of Indonesia may have 2.5 million rupiah if they are going out of Indonesia, that's about S$300 plus, so I am getting really nervous about this. I guess I have to ask around if anyone with this new system have gone through Indonesian immigration *sigh*

Okay, enough about me complaining and ranting about my stupidity. I do get stressed out easily, huh? After the 2 hours of my life were wasted, I went to meet up with La Gioia for the The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I was already planning to watch it today, alone but then she sent me an sms during the 2-hour wait so since she could make it today, in the end we watched the movie together.

I was rather sleepy and disappointed with the morning mishap and Benjamin Button was really long that I thought the movie was rather so-so. I do have to say that Brad Pitt is still so gorgeous. How they made him look so young like a 20-year old is so much more interesting than how they made him look old. He looked so young and handsome that it was rather unbelievable and of course enviable. Story wise, I thought it wasn't bad but somehow I don't find it extremely amazing. There were little parts of the story which I found to be pretty nice but overall I did find it to be quite long and slow moving. Of all the parts, I love the ending the most when Brad's character grew younger and younger, the dynamic of his character and Cate Blanchett's character was very moving for me. There's something affectionately comforting about it. Imagine what it's like looking at a boy who can't remember that he's old and you had much history and love together. It really is touching for me.

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