Sette colori dell'arcobaleno, sette colori per dipingere il cielo

The title of the post is part of a lyric from the song Improvvisando by Neri Per Caso. It means 7 colours of the rainbow, 7 colours to paint the sky. Why I put it as a title? Well because I saw a rainbow on my way home today. I let an audible "wow" which perhaps stunned the people who were walking near me. They might be thinking that I'm some kind of a lunatic but maybe it's just all in my mind. Either way, I do feel excited when I see a rainbow because I feel it's such a blessing. Somehow I feel I've seen more rainbows here in Singapore than back home in Jakarta.

On other news, Ayu just tagged a picture with my name in Facebook. It's actually a picture of the Mr. Men and Little Miss characters and for "The good little church girl", she tagged me! Oh my Lord, haha :D Coincidentally, yesterday I had dinner with NanSee, la Gioia, Lois, Starfish, and Gascoigne and in one of the conversation, they jokingly said they would put a reminder in msn and such to tell me to go to church :D I guess this group of people don't think that I'm the goody good one :P

So yesterday, as I said I had dinner with those group of people. I have to say that I loathe having to organize these people. I guess someone has to do it and somehow it's me because I am in the middle of these people. It would be great though if someone else can do the organizing and I just go for the ride. I hope that everyone had a good time though. We had some laughs and we did go quite loud at times. I guess with some very opinionated people, we will get some fun mocking at each other's arguments. I wasn't able to eat much though yesterday. I feel rather sorry and disappointed with myself actually for not being able to eat more. I don't know what's wrong with me. Sigh.

On other note, I just need to say what I hide. Sigh. If only I still have teachers to correct my composition :(

Dico una bugia se dico che non ho un sentimento per lui più. La verità è io penso ancora a lui spesso. Mi manca tantissimo. Mi mancano tutti i tempi che passavamo insieme. Mi manca parlare con lui. Mi mancano le volte quando mi ha detto "ciao". Ma questa settimana mi rendo conto che è finito tra noi. Mi sembra che sono invisibile per lui. Mi sento che non siamo neanche amici. Sono molto triste e nonostante io sappia che devo dimenticarlo, penso a lui ancora. C'è un buco senza lui e mi sento che il buco diventa grande ora. Ora che mi rendo conto che lui non pensa a me perfino per un po'. Vorrei sorridere di nuovo. É triste perchè dopo tutto questo tempo, è ancora lui nel mio cuore. Io so che lui non è per me ma ogni giorno penso a lui e chissà se sta bene e se è felice.

Per favore Dio, devo dimenticarlo, per favore ...

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