Free Saturday - Episode 03

Hello all. There's no movie today. Instead I went to the bank and gave a bail out to myself. The sum that I gave myself was quite a lot but with all the expenses, I am actually having difficulty seeing if I can manage and survive until I go home, which is in 12 days by the way. I am getting really poor but as much as I find it hard to part with some money, I keep on recalling things that Astley told me and what other people once told me. On some things I really cannot be calculative.

Yesterday, I decided to just stay in because I was too tired with everything. So though I only had little flu and cough (it wasn't really bad), I used that as an excuse to stay in bed longer. Did see the doctor and did end up paying S$38 for all the medicines but I felt that at least I would be properly medicated and my flu wouldn't drag on and on which I think has been happening all this time. I got to really rest nicely. I also went to see the optician and found out that I overused my contact lenses by around 9 months! Yes, it is by God's grace that I am not blind. So got myself new lenses and a pair of glasses. Those gonna set me back by S$300. Sigh. Being poor does suck!

Did have movie this week. Finally watched Yes Man. Went to see it with NanSee on Tuesday. It was her treat. Hmm ... somehow I feel it's rather too sad to be accepting treats when I am poor. I mean, when I have money, I would gladly take it but when I am low on cash, it just feels rather too pathetic. But still the treat did help to ease my financial burden. I enjoyed Yes Man very much. I can't really say that I am a fan of Jim Carrey. I don't like it when he contorted his body or facial expression, which he is famous for. So I can't remember any Jim Carrey's movies which I like a lot. Yes Man will perhaps be the first movie of his that I really like. He's not too slapstick in this movie and he appeared as a really regular guy, one which is perhaps quite lovable. I was really interested about the theme of the movie and I have to say for someone like me who is so enclosed in my walls, this movie should be quite an inspiration to say "yes" more often. However I don't think it changes me much. It does in a way of urging me to just do the things that I want to do but even that ... well I don't know if I will take any action *sigh* Anyway, I found the movie to be really entertaining. I really like it. So many movies to watch and yet so little money *sigh*

I have to really start packing which I really don't like doing. Simply because this time around, I want to move many of my unused stuff here and to go through all those stuff and the dust and I don't know what else they have there in those old boxes are just such a turn off. I know at most it will take me only 1 hour but really I just can't make myself do it but I have to do it tomorrow nonetheless since I don't have much time left.

Hmm ... don't feel like writing much. Just watched Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter ... and Spring on OkTo. Beautiful scenes but man how I really hate unhappy ending. So much sadness in this movie, at least for me. The repentance of the main character doesn't make me feel better and seeing the last scene, I just don't like it. I have to say that even though I don't like how some things unfold, the movie itself is a good one. Things couldn't go as I want them to, I suppose. Take care peeps!

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