Free Saturday - Episode 02

The whole idea of sleeping without an alarm is very liberating for me, provided that time can stand still and the day doesn't move. I know what some people will say. I will get to do that when I am dead. So this morning, you could say that I wasn't actually sleeping but I just didn't want to get out of bed and I rolled, turned, closed my eyes just to be in bed longer. Got out at around 10 am and I do know that's like a waste of life but I just wanted to sleep longer. Speaking of which, doing Saturday without a nap is kinda tiring.

So today, I took myself out to watch Seven Pounds. It was grimy, gloomy, slow moving, and I feel rather bad saying this, but it was close to boring. Some people say that Will Smith doesn't really succeed in playing dramatic roles but I feel it's the whole pace of the movie which is the downfall of Seven Pounds. Will Smith is not a bad actor. Story wise, this movie could be interesting though I don't really agree with the whole suicide part but you see if the emotional process of why the character chose to do a suicide had been explored more and better, I may would have loved this movie more, for example like in Denzel Washington's movie, John Q. So I feel Seven Pounds wasted much time in showing the gloomy and mysterious side of Will Smith's character rather than exploring his reasoning or making more connections with the other characters and make them more lovable. It's quite a so so movie, mediocre perhaps.

So let's talk about the past few days. Going into yesterday, I was really worried about something that I put it in my prayers a whole lot these few days. Luckily and amazingly (praise the Lord), it went smooth sailing and okay. I am truly thankful to God but I do have to say I don't think I have prayed enough saying thank you. However yesterday did have its own ass to piss me off. Seriously, I can seriously hate people and most of the time when I have formed my opinion and judgment from something that someone has done wrong to me, it's pretty much unrepairable *sigh* Even thinking about it now makes my blood boil again. I know I have to be more forgiving but I can just really hate people!

Yesterday ended better though because I got to meet Mr. A who brought with him, his friend, another Mr. A. They wanted me to help them with something. It was Mr. A's idea actually. He thinks too highly of me *sigh* It was really really good to see him again after quite a long time. Glad to see his hair is short again. The most exciting news is that he's expecting twin!!! My goodness, I was actually so happy and excited for him. Saw pictures of his other 2 kids. They were very cute. We went to Dempsey Hill which I found to be quite a nice cozy place. Being the not-happening me, it was my first time there. I have to say, it's kinda hard to go there if you don't drive. Luckily the dads I was with drove and I was amazed to find that the parking was free. Anyways, I hope I don't disappoint Mr. A though he keeps on telling me that he just wants me to be happy doing it. We will see!

So, I didn't do anything special for the new year. I remember thinking that it's such an ordinary day. On New Year's eve, I was actually quite tired that I was thinking of sleeping early. Prayed before I slept. Asked a lot of things to God. With my mind jumping all over the place, I hope He still hears me. Oh yeah, I went to buy my first Italian book on that last day of 2008. It's so hard to find an Italian book. Life would have been easier if I had taken French or German. So with the very very limited options (like only 3 or 4 books) in Borders, I settled with Le Avventure di Pinocchio. It's a bilingual edition, so on 1 page there's the Italian version and on the other there's the English version. Perfect for me! This way, I don't have to run to the dictionary every time :D

Oh yeah, I went to a choir concert on December 30 with Vivy. She had some free tickets and asked me along. The choir was the A CAPPELLA CHOR VILLACH. It was quite a pleasant performance and it was quite amazing to hear them perform the songs in Malay because their pronunciation were nice. Actually even for the song with the Italian lyrics, they also pronounced the words really well. So I feel it's really awesome that they could sing really well in whatever language it is.

So before I go now, let me leave you with the the picture of the new year spheres near the Esplanade. They were lighted differently and of all the colours that came, this red one was salvageable. The rest were so blurry :(

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