You Got To Move It, Move It

Yeah, you do! Surely you know where is this going to lead?

Got the chance to be in Orchard area earlier this evening, so I used the rare opportunity to catch an early movie and the one I watched, obviously, was Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. I LOVE IT! I did watch the first one in the cinema and I thought it was so-so. Got to see it again on TV some weeks back and my take on it was that it wasn't as bad as when I watched it the first time. Saw the trailers for the sequel and it seemed rather interesting, so off I went.

It was really really good. Story wise, it was perhaps better than the first one because I feel each of the characters had a chance to develop and I felt that it was quite a nice job well done. It's sometime hard to address the issue of each of the characters due to time constraint and the number of characters around but I felt each of the characters do have substantial time to show off their personalities, like the penguins, King Julien, and Nanna. Of course the stories of the 4 friends were also explored and this time around, I kinda really really like the sweet-hearted Melman. Whenever I watch an animated movie with famous Hollywood actors behind the voices, I tend to picture the people and it's kinda funny for me picturing David Schwimmer, Chris Rock, and Ben Stiller and it's kinda bitter sweet remembering Bernie Mac. I was thinking Man, if there will be another Ocean's movie, it will be sad that he wouldn't be there *sigh*

So peeps, it was really really good. In term of the animation, it was really good as expected though lions and hippos walking on 2 feet did feel rather weird for me But seriously, I love the landscape painting. It was totally great. So go and watch it peeps.

My head is rather dizzy again Been having it on and off since Saturday. My Italian homework this week include me writing a love song! Aarrggh, me and my stupid mouth who said writing a love song is easy hence there are many love songs around. Obviously I cannot write a song, but I just hope I can write some lyric, but so far, I haven't got anything good My muse is not really kicking in Did go for class on Sunday and we had Francesca. I saw her around but this was the first time we had her teaching us. When I saw her all this time, I felt rather intimidated because she's extremely lively. You know, I got that word 'lively' after checking my Italian dictionary to find the English word for the Italian word that explain her really well, which is vivace. I find it funny and feel somewhat proud that the only best way I can describe her is using Italian, instead of English or Indonesian. This is perhaps a sign that Italian has finally slowly flowed in my system. The 3 hours were spent just talking with this native of Firenze. Well she did most of the talking but it's okay because amazingly I understood everything. I kid you not! She prides herself for speaking perfect Italian because Firenze is where the Italian language was born It turned out, she was as nice as she was lively! I was rather taken aback really. All my teachers have been so nice and yet somehow I feel that she could actually be nicer than them all! Anyway, I realize how I love being able to speak this language. This is perhaps the best decision I have made in my life since I don't know when. The idea of me enriching my life this way really makes me happy and at peace that I do something good with my life. What can I say. Different people have different value in life and apparently I am really somewhat of a geek that knowledge and achievement still does excite me now as it was 15 years ago.

Allora, buonanotte tutti!

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