It's November, Hey, Hey

Howdy peeps?

The title of the post is something that I quote from Starfish, who when we were talking in msn some days ago, typed the line above. I didn't get what he meant and only after he reminded me that it's nearing the end of the year, I got what he meant. Coincidentally my nickname at that time was waiting anxiously, hope, hope, HOPE! which actually had nothing to do with what he was referring to, but it was actually quite apt to describe it.

Anyways, that nickname was actually for the wait of the US election. I kinda followed this year's US election quite intently. As mentioned previously, I am an Obama supporter and today is quite a day indeed. I was tuning to CNN for the most of the day. I am so happy that he won the election and yes I was rather anxious because despite of the polls saying he was leading, I felt that things could really have gone wrong, but he won and it's all good I first heard about him last year. I read an article when it was early in his campaign and it was written about him having lived in Indonesia and there were doubt about whether he's a Muslim and all that stuff. As if being a Muslim makes you less of a human or incapable of doing great things. Anyway, I got reminded of a conversation I had with dad and an uncle last year when I was at home. Both of us refuted that rumors about Obama's background. I think my dad was more of a Hillary person though while somehow I was always leaning towards Obama. I was seriously ecstatic when he won the nomination from the Democrat party and of course today, I seriously felt rather touched by his win. I read articles, followed the debates and seriously it's not really about his charisma and all. If I were an American, I would truly vote for him because I think he does have great ideas and when John McCain chose Sarah Palin as VP, well that's just a very bad decision on his part. I wouldn't want a VP so unprepared as her. What made me rather touched with his win today is because he did beat all the odds and it's so inspiring!!! I got remember of the lunch we had earlier this year, when suddenly the Bapak and the Ibu joined us and the Bapak was saying that they were never gonna vote him president. Ha! How wrong is he!!! Somehow I felt that it was very telling of the Bapak's character to say such thing. So I say, for everyone who ever doubted you, go and fight like Barack Obama. Dreams do happen, but you do need to work your ass off, never stop working hard, and be sincere and true in your cause. I do hope he will make a great president and help make the world be a better place.

On other news. I was back at the movie again yesterday. Went to watch Tropic Thunder, alone. I have been feeling anti social since last week and I still prefer to just be alone. The phrase selfish loneliness that Starfish coined, is really appropriate to describe my state being right now and you know what, I don't freaking care. It's even better if you get out of my way. Back to the movie, Tropic Thunder is one strange movie for me. I thought it was quite good, but strangely I found it was good for all the individual parts and not as a whole. I thought Robert Downey Jr was seriously a good actor. Tom Cruise was interesting in his role as a tyrant movie producer, him dancing to hip hop music was seriously a laugh for me. Ben Stiller and Jack Black were also good, because seriously for comedy, they are really top class, along with people like Jim Carrey. Story wise it was too exaggerating to my liking but I guess it was meant to be that way. Some of the dialogues were kinda hard for me to follow, with the accents and all the slang. Overall, as I said it's kinda weird for me but it was quite entertaining. There were many famous actors making appearances and no matter how silly it was, it did make for a good laugh.

So life hasn't been too rosy for me these days, though as one might say it's all in the mind. It's what you make of it. Well whatever it is, I'm not having much fun. Finding myself having to deal with more people, interesting perhaps because things can lead to other things and perhaps this is the path to point B. I don't know. Mr. A has been contacting me these days, asking me for help. He's so adamant that I do it even though I'm not sure I'm the right person for it. When I told him that, he said, stop it with all the negativity *sigh* He said I helped him once and so I could do it again. Yesterday on my way home, I couldn't help feeling, so be it, maybe he has enough faith for the two of us, remembering what Coelho said, something along the line that it you really want something, the universe will shift and gather all its power to help you and make your dream come true. Well we will see, we will see. I have to work my ass off because I don't like to fail and most importantly I don't want to fail him *sigh*.

Okay peeps, hope your days have been better than mine! Take care.

PS [06/11/08] : Got my CELI 3 certificato happy. I'm pretty thrilled. It's a proof that it's real!

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