Body of Lies

Watched Body of Lies today. Missed some part of the beginning *sigh* Anyway in light of the recent Mumbai bombing, Body of Lies is maybe a bit hard to swallow because there were some violent scenes and I know I'm a wuss but the shootings and bombing just felt kinda too real for comfort and then there were Leonardo's torture scenes at the climax of the movie which actually made me cover my eyes a bit.

The movie's story was not bad I think. Though I think if it contains a bit of truth (we will never know, I guess), it will be damn too sick, too evil of this world. I feel the movie has a good pace because I kinda enjoy the whole story telling part. I didn't find it too long, too whiny and such. The actors were okay. I found Leonardo DiCaprio to be a bit pudgy. Well, I guess we all can stop wishing he'll spot his heartthrob look again. The best actor there which I really like is actually Mark Strong, who played a Jordanian head of intelligence agency or something like that. He just had such coolness and charisma on the screen. Maybe it's because of the role, I don't know but I guess he played it really well. I was looking forward seeing him on screen. Somehow he kinda reminded me of Gavin Rossdale

Life these days have been quite hard to bear. Went to see the doc on Tuesday and got to stay in my room the whole day. Got to sleep really well, I guess it's because of the drugs. I feel like the body is getting tired of being dragged. But I am now at the foot of the mountain and I have to start climbing. Mentally I'm kinda quite gung-ho about it but it maybe just part of my roller coaster emotion. This week Lois asked me if anything's wrong because I've been quite anti-social longer than what I had done before. Well, you can always rely on her to ask the hard awkward question. I guess the answer is just because I just still want to be alone. I don't feel like hanging out with people and hearing them or having to make small talk. On the bus today, I realize that man as much as I get pretty lonely sometime, I do heart solitude. So I guess for the time being really, I'm just gonna keep to myself. Not really seeing when this gonna ends.

Discussion of this week was adoption by single or gays. This was a topic from class last week and I asked a few people how they feel about it. It was rather interesting because they started their reasoning at the same place but ended up at different conclusion. I don't feel like elaborating this again because I had written 1 page plus of an essay (font size 10, tahoma)! For me, I kinda think that single and gays should be allowed to adopt. My decision to say yes to gay adopting is after thinking of the only gay guy I know and how if one day he decides to adopt a kid, I'm very sure he will do a good job and he's gonna be great! But after talking to these few friends of mine, I do get where they are coming from and they do make good points. What say you?

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