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Hello guys. It's been raining like crazy these few days and it's cold cold cold. I've been feeling under the weather since last week, but I still march on for one reason or the other and as much as I want to rest, I found myself waking up in the morning without any reason to see the doctor. So in conclusion, I have just been dragging myself around.

Went to watch Sing to the Dawn with NanSee yesterday. I have never watched a Singapore film in a cinema before so this was my first one. I've never watched an Indonesian film in a cinema either and since Sing to the Dawn was mostly made by Indonesian, I guess this one could be counted as well. The reason why I bothered to watch this was because I actually know what Sing to the Dawn is about. I've never read the book but eons ago when I was living in Kent Ridge Hall, I was part of hall production and we did Sing to the Dawn the musical, which I thought was not bad. The songs were nice and the story was touching. I still listen to the songs in fact, from time to time. The title of the post is part of the lyric of one of the song from the musical.

However, Sing to the Dawn the animated movie was not good. Yeah, I know you know. Story wise, it was just so different and I didn't find it nice at all. Talking animals?!?! Come on! In the musical you could perhaps feel sympathy for Dawan's struggle and in this one, it's not so and what's with the boy who accompanied her at the end? Aahh, it was pretty lame. The songs were not so memorable. The animation is of course incomparable to Pixar or Disney animation however I did like some of the landscape painting which I thought was nice. I also like the wayang's animation and I love the front part of the tomb. The Indonesian's flair was quite obvious there. Despite of this animated movie is not of high quality, still I'm kinda proud that it's the Indonesian who did it. It's kinda sad that they couldn't find Singaporeans to do it, I wonder if there were no people to do it or if it's because it's too costly. When I found out that the majority of the people working on the animation were Indonesian, I kinda felt bad for Singapore and I hope Starfish and his company would do well and excel so that Singapore can really have its own made-in-Singapore animated movie. But Singapore being Singapore, it has lots of money, so it can just tell people to do things. Hmm ... will people hate me for writing that? Whatever ...

It's gonna be a tough week this week. I have a make up class on Sunday. SUNDAY!!! Aaarrgh, I was like in disbelief that the rest (the rest being Q and Rae) agreed to come. It kinda means that I should come as well, though I am having difficulties seeing how I could muster getting up, more importantly getting my brain up, on a Sunday morning! I seriously wonder if they will really come. If I am left alone there, I would be rather pissed.

Okay, I'm gonna snack now. Take care peeps. Cheerio!

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