To Point B

Hello peeps, how are you? Another Saturday without nap for me.

First, let me start off with sharing the good news. I passed CELI 3 exam. Well Chiara is known to make mistake sometime, but I don't think she made a mistake on mine. So she emailed me telling me that I pass and I got a C. Yes, it is only a C, but a C was pretty much what I was aiming for when I was studying and strategizing for the exam. I am just freakin' delighted to pass, it's quite un miracolo. I kinda feel it's a nice wrap on my Italian studies all this time. After the CELI 3 exam back in June, I've decided I'm not gonna take CELI 4. Basta, grazie. I do feel that the time to stop my Italian lesson is nearing even though I still can't speak much. I just feel like learning new things. We will see, there's the 'want' and then there's the practicality. So I haven't made a final decision on what I will do next.

Didn't go to class today. I went to Aika's wedding ceremony. Aika was of course gorgeous as she is and I'm happy for her. Was expecting to meet all the NUS friends, but not many came. It was good nonetheless to meet JTG, Arief, Dwi, Siska, Indah, and Velina. Unfortunately, we didn't spend much time to catch up. Life really has taken all of us on different paths and I'm glad some people are still as nice and friendly as they were, like JTG for example. It did feel weird to me being there and see that the people I thought would be there, wasn't there. Funny how life and relationship go, really. Especially after hearing who's married, who's with kids and stuff. The time I spent with my NUS friends are the past, and to hear where they are now without hearing the story of how they get there just feels rather amazing and at times unbelievable. God is really amazing, I suppose. He really has His plans and even though as human you cannot comprehend it, it doesn't mean it's not gonna work out. So how I get to my point B will be interesting indeed. Stay tune peeps.

After the wedding, me and Vivy went to watch Mamma Mia. It was okay, I suppose. I wasn't really blown away with it. I don't think the singing was amazing. The senior actresses and actors definitely outshined the younger ones. Meryl Streep, Julie Walters, Pierce Brosnan were good. I especially like Julie Walters. She's definitely underused as Mrs Weasley in the Potter movies.

My good friend Emilia is in town with the future in-laws. I don't know if I will get to see her. Hopefully yes. She's leaving town tomorrow evening, so we don't actually have much time. Oh well. On other news, well nothing much. Life is just so-so I suppose. Be happy still, even if you can't, be grateful still. That's one thing I should practice more, saying grace. Ciao a tutti!

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