E Sará A Settembre

The title of this post is from a song title that Andrea Bocelli sang. You know how sometime you can hear a song many times without getting much out of it and suddenly you just listen to the lyric or the lyric just pop to you and then you realize how wonderful the song is, well something like that happened to me and this song. One day a line just popped and I love the song because of it. Verrai e scoprirai perché io posso amare solo te ... which by my translation means you will come and you will find out why I can love only you. Darn I found that so sweet. I don't know if it's the new language effect kinda thing but sometime I feel Italian songs feel so sweet to me. I finally understand why people can cry watching an opera because there's also one of Andrea Bocelli's songs which made me wanna cry some time ago. It's the lyrics and the way he sang it. I kinda feel that he really put his emotion into the words and it made it beautiful.

Went to see la Gioia again today. RH came as well. She's having complications so she has to stay in the hospital longer and I really ope that things will not go to the worse end. Really have to pray more for her and I hope people do. Kinda sad to see her have to go through this.

My life this week had been ... well not a good one. Broke down this week and cried. I got a revelation about my relationship with God. It's so unexpected and so sad for me. I don't want to elaborate more, let's just say I'm having a spiritual crisis and at this point in time, I haven't talked to God about it again and dealt with it. I suppose to deal with a spiritual crisis is to talk to your religion's leaders or something like that, but that is not something I will do actually even though perhaps I really need it. Sigh. I seriously have life issues. MarChe finally visited us and the kind sensitive him told me whatever it is, just remember that things could be worse, yes it could be better but it could be worse too. Yeah ... I am perhaps not grateful enough.

Yesterday had a small interrupted talk with Starfish. Though I was already signed out, he kindly typed out his thoughts in MSN when I told him about my frustrating desire of materialistic fulfillment. This topic had also been touched by my mother a few times. I don't know why it matters a lot for me when I knew when I cried this week, the main issue that I had is not financial reason. I guess I've been looking at this future plan B that I have though it has been addressed to me that it's kinda silly of me to prepare for plan B, thinking that plan A is not a possibility at this 20 something point in my life. I deserve something good in life but I have difficulty believing it. I'm so messed up.

Okay, let's not talk about it then. Went to Chinese Garden yesterday with Casryn. Another thing crossed in my Singapore list. Rista is coming for a transit at the end of this month, I hope I can cross some things too with her, like going to the Biennale. We'll see. I'm now getting excited for her to come. I really just want to hang out with a different kind of people than the ones I'm used too and an old Indonesian friend would be great.

Anyway, so here are the pics from the Lantern Festival at the Chinese Garden. I don't like the Hello Kitty theme though, but I guess it will have to make do. My favourite one is actually the first one we saw. Very Chinese and there was traditional Chinese songs accompanying the display, so it really set up the mood.

Then here are some of the other lanterns and the Hello Kitty stuff. Some of the pictures I took were actually not bad. Little kids would definitely get a kick out of this. If you wonder, my favorite characters out of all is Kero Keroppi and perhaps the black Badtz-Maru. Not posting his picture though.

Look at this guy, very cute!

When we were wandering around, some of the lanterns were actually off, especially the one we affectionately called the sotong balls, actual term is actually the Hello Kitty totem poles. Luckily when we made a last turn before we went home, they were on. If not Casryn would definitely have cried

The Kero Keroppi stacks. The bottom one is so cute. I didn't take a close up of each of the stacks. If I put them, it's gonna be too long anyway

Last one, the lanterns on the tree. I love the colours. The picture didn't really do justice.

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