Finally I am back to the cinema again. The last movie I watched was 3 weeks ago. It's kinda long but honestly there aren't much nice movies to watch these days. Went to watch WALL·E with Vivy today and I have to say it's really really good. I really like WALL·E. He had this sincerity and simplicity going on that you just can't help loving him. Story wise, I found it to be quite interesting. Especially about the humans who spent all their times in the chair being served by the robots and ended up becoming really fat. It's comical but very very telling as well. At one point their chubby shapes remind me of Botero's work. Botero's pieces feel rather serious for me at times, yes they perhaps can make you smile for their uniqueness but some of them can actually make me cringe. Anyway the human character in WALL·E are simply just funny. So go and watch it peeps, it's really good and it has quite a good story as well.

This week has been alright I guess. I survive it. Had a few of somewhat out of body experience. Just been seeing and hearing how some people who are younger than me react to certain situation and I kinda couldn't help feeling, ah young people these days. That makes me sound like I'm so old when I am only 2 or 3 years older than them. So that's what I mean with out of body experience, like me getting out of my body and looking at them with a different pair of eyes. Maybe I have already leveled up to a certain mental state. Certain things now feel so trivial and too dramatic for me. However I couldn't really say that I am a stronger person mentally. Perhaps because of the certain maturity I have, I have avoided making mistakes and that leads to less drama in my life currently. Or perhaps, I can just thank God for all the blessing in my life.

Today's Italian class went quite bad for me. There were just me, Q, and R. I basically couldn't speak Italian, I wonder if Anna Maria was rather disappointed with today's performance. Anyway, she gave us baci chocolates today. Ate it during break and found a piece of proverb inside it. Something like the American-Chinese fortune cookie concept but this one is in the chocolate wrapper and it's a proverb. My one said, Il cuore è una ricchezza che non si vende, non si compra, ma si regala. The English translation said, The heart cannot be bought or sold but only given.

Hmm ... I actually wrote something but decided not going to post it. Let it go Eka, let it go. Chiodo schiaccia chiodo?

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