Sono Ritornata

Ciao a tutti! Come stai?

So I am back. Got a message from Dewi some minutes ago, saying she had arrived safely. So I guess that concludes our very tiring but fun trip. Just downloaded the pictures. There are 1272 jpeg files, 783 MB, of which, I think only less than 10% is really good.

Anyways, I think the trip went really well. We went to the places that we wanted to go. Unexpectedly we found ourselves in places which we didn't plan to see, but they ended up to be interesting found. I had some very very memorable moments which made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I can only thank God for it.

I will put in some pictures with stories, hopefully soon, but for now, I am just very very tired. Monday is the real world for me, and as much as I am dreading it, I think Dewi will have more nervousness than me. I was kinda glad to leave Hong Kong because I found the place to be more chaotic than Singapore, and no English didn't really go well for me and the food ... gosh, I am thankful that in Singapore I can find some Indonesian food. Then there was the smog or haze, which was truly apparent on our last day and morning, so I was really really glad to leave and come back to Singapore. I guess I kinda appreciate Singapore more now and I am so glad to be living in this place. I don't think I can adapt as well in Hong Kong if I have to live there long term. Dewi on the other hand likes Hong Kong a bit more than Singapore. I am also so happy that I am back in my room. Had to accompany Dewi when she was here and we were staying at the Lucky Plaza apartments, the unofficial little Indonesia. I didn't like the place at all and I'm just glad to be in my bed just now, though I still think my bed in Indonesia is much better.

So I spent the last week, all the 24 hours in the day with Dewi. In the taxi ride home today I was thinking that I can't say I miss her much, I think because I was so tired but when I was having my dinner alone, I was feeling here we go again, the life of solitude. Not that I hate being alone so much now. As a matter of fact, I'm kinda glad that I have solitude for this coming week, I just hope the other part of my life is not bad either. Okay peeps, gonna call mom. I miss her so much. So much stories to tell, including my meeting with my uncle and aunt. That went quite well I guess, though I thought Eka was a bit of a snob.

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