Of Nothing To Say

Was not planning to blog because nothing interesting happened this week. As if anything that I have posted here is of interest. Anyway, so yeah, pretty much nothing much, but when I was thinking about my week actually there are a few things to rant about.

Woke up with immense sadness today. Sadness may not be the correct word, I don't know what the correct word is. I simply felt annoyed that I had to get up and go through with today. So I was moving really slowly and obviously was late. Met with a trigger happy someone this morning, too chirpy, too early for my liking that it was basically adding to my annoyance. Ironically this chirpy person ended up slamming the phone violently before the day was over. I actually kinda felt good that even though I was in my moody mode, I wasn't really bitchy today (I think). I am just sad. Sigh.

Officially closed a door today. Was very flattered for the offer and the fact that Mrs. C tried to reach me many times to get my answer. Was even more comforted and flattered when she said whenever I feel like going to her side, we can always talk about it. Sigh. I have to pass but I can't help feeling sad. I told il Gatto that if I were 40, with kids, it would be great, but I'm not. So that door is closed and that is it.

This week had its traumatizing part. With all honesty, girls walking around in their panties are just kinda too much for me to take. I don't know if this is gayphobia talking but hello, sorry, NO. This week I realize that I am as straight as a bamboo tree, I'm not gonna branch around. Seriously I would be more interested to see Roger Federer in boxer walking around (assuming he is a boxer person) and yes I do have to admit that Federer is kinda hot. Speaking of which, lucky Q watched the Olympic tennis semis matches live, so she saw Nadal playing Djokovic, and James Blake playing the other guy, I couldn't remember. Lucky her.

Speaking of her. R got crazy in class on Saturday. Sigh. AN was shooting looks at me and was trying to hide his laughter. Seriously missed the whole gank, like P and Carl. I would normally look at P's reaction first when R goes crazy I really miss all those peeps. I kinda warned the newbie, Rae, that R is a bit strange; la Gioia thought my warning was too mild I do wonder what Rae was thinking at that time, maybe something along the line, what is this, is my Italian so bad that I think they are discussing something utterly sick? Seriously, one would hope that one just got lost in translation but sadly no. Sigh. I really don't know what to do, I can only hope nothing bad has happened.

What else? Someone predicted something about me and told mom about it. I am too embarrassed to talk about it. In fact I've only told la Gioia all the details. There was 1 part that I told Starfish as well. I didn't tell him face to face, but I'm sure there's a glint in his eyes as he read it, as there was in la Gioia's as well as mom's I'm sure when mom told me about it. Oh well, the end of the year is near. We will see, we will see. I was thinking about it and it's kinda strange for me. Like for example you are in point A right now and you are told that you will be in point B soon. In your head you kinda couldn't figure out how you can be in point B from point A because there doesn't seem any road from A to B. I suppose if that is what God wants, then it will happen? This is me who believe that a guy can fall from the sky

Anyway, I got sentimental, so suddenly this line came to my head. A line which I am sure have been used in a song lyric or in a line in a movie ... the thought of loving someone other than you feels foreign to me.

So as usual, from having nothing to say, I do have a lot of things to say.

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