Of Crossed Things

Rista once told me that for her who is staying in Australia now, she must explore all the things that the country offers as much as she can so that she has no regret when she leaves. I too have a few thing in my so called Singapore list, things that I want to do before I leave. When Dewi came for a visit last week, a few things of that list were crossed. Yesterday I crossed another one. I'm too embarrassed to share it and actually it was never really in the list. So after I did it, feeling embarrassed and all, I thought let's just take it as something on the list. Then today I went to my very first Malay wedding, Syidah's. It's very kind of her to invite me. Met Starfish, Jean, and K there. I thought it was really interesting, I asked a lot of questions to Starfish simply because there were a lot of things that interest me.

As with crossed things, many new things do come on the list, like something crazy that I thought of when I was in the train. Again it's so embarrassing, I couldn't share it But honestly, there are some things that I want to do, like going to Pulau Ubin, going to the lantern festival in Chinese garden, or watching the National Day Parade live (not on tv). Since I didn't do it today, I can only do it next year the soonest. However I am making this item flexible, as in I think I am alright if I do it after I leave Singapore.

Anyway after the wedding I decided that I shouldn't go back to hibernation. It's more because of practical reason. I needed to get something to eat for dinner and tomorrow. In the end I ended up watching Journey to the Center of the Earth. I didn't expect much from this movie. I chose it because I felt it's the best option out of all the movies out there. It turned out to be quite pleasing. It was still not as amazing as Pirates of the Caribbean however it's not so bad. I kinda loved the adventure though there's really nothing new or unexpected in the plot. I even don't mind watching the sequel which I'm quite certain will come. I feel the setting will be a good theme for a theme ride. The train ride they had was already simulating a roller coaster.

Another movie this week was X-Files: I want to Believe on Wednesday, alone again. I kinda can figure out how to adjust my schedule so that I can give me my alone movie time Anyways X-Files is darn awful. If not for the fact that I love the series, I wouldn't spend money to watch this movie. I really can't say much else about it. Just don't watch it peeps.

My mundane life is gaining speed in its mundanity. I feel so uninspired and not even feeling its urgency. Arrrghh, is this me rebelling? So silly. Talked to mom just now, just as I finished voicing my thoughts, I was reminded to the drop of the sticks which said I should wait for the ripe time. I couldn't rush things to come because they will have their time to come. So as much as I fidget here due to the frustration and all the boredom, the time hasn't come yet. I kinda know it hasn't come because normally I can sense this kinda thing. Honestly I do question myself if all this time I submit myself to the routine and tasks which I feel I need to do has caused numbness to my senses. Maybe not, maybe the time is really not here yet, it's maybe still months away but it may also come next week.

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