Happy 63rd Independence Day Indonesia!

The title says it all. Today is 17 August, so it's independence day for my dear country. Merdeka! Mommy is taking a day off today. I wonder how she spends the day, I may call her later. I do kinda miss watching the flag raising ceremony on TV during Independence day. Obviously being here, I haven't seen it for a long long time. I am currently following the Olympic badminton mixed double bronze match on the net. Indonesia VS China. Very very close match, we are in rubber set now and currently they are tied 14-14. So scary!!! I hope we can win and get another gold from another pair who will be fighting for gold next. We have gotten 1 gold from the men double, a bronze from the women single, and another 2 bronzes from the weightlifters. Actually the weightlifters gave us our first medals in this Beijing Olympic. So I suppose we do have potential outside badminton. For badminton itself, I think we could have done so much better, but still we should be happy for the medals that we can get.

Singapore is of course hyped up for finally getting a medal after I don't know how many years. Of course critics are criticizing that the players perhaps don't have a drop of Singaporean blood in them, but oh well ... I think Singaporeans who think that way should just now try to accept that it is how their Singaporean is.

Life has been normal I guess. The only thing I can be excited about is the weekend. No movies this week because there aren't anything good to watch. Aah ... we lost the bronze. That's kinda very very sad. The match was really really really tight. Sad, really sad. So now we are left with the gold match. Please God help them win.

17 August is of course the day of Astley's funeral. Was a sad day last year. He's in everybody's mind of course but I guess generally people can now remember him without crying. Sigh. I do wonder sometime how would things have turned out, if he had still been around.

Okay, gonna call mommy now.

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