Just came back from watching Hancock with la Gioia and NanSee. Note to self, when you are in a bitch mode, avoid people! Had much trouble during the booking, I don't want to talk about that and then somehow the people that I asked were kinda a let down. Seriously things like this kinda make me wanna smack my head for counting on people. I guess I was banking on the wrong people. I have to say today I have been so unkind. Was very very bitchy. At one point I actually felt quite guilty for the unnecessary rudeness. Osh asked me to apologize before it comes back to stab me in the back, but before I could reconcile with my pride, the person with the bigger and more sincere heart apologized to me. Darn, doesn't that make me a real bitch? It wasn't her fault actually, it was more of mine. Sigh.

Anyway, I thought Hancock was really really really good. I thought Will Smith did well. There were moments when I thought he had a bit of Lenny Kravitz going on. Will Smith was just so cool, he epitomizes coolness. Jason Bateman was also another star. Somehow I feel he just fits these kind of characters but that kinda doesn't really show his range but still I wouldn't actually be too excited seeing him attempting more extreme roles. I thought Charlize Theron was pretty here, kinda didn't really recognize her at first. Storywise, it was really really good. I didn't read any review before watching this but I had a brief idea of the movie. I didn't expect the plot to develop the way it was so it was kinda a twist for me. Love the ending because I so thought they were gonna die but they didn't and I love it that way. I felt Hancock was still lonely at the end of the movie. Somehow watching that I was thinking of the Indonesian line, cinta bukan berarti harus memiliki. I've always thought it was kinda too hard to swallow but I guess I am beginning to see the truth in it. So anyway peeps, I totally recommend Hancock to you. Is summer ending? I felt the summer blockbuster movies this year haven't really been quite a thrill. So for something different do watch this, it's worth watching.

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