Eat, Pray ... No Love

Hello guys. How has your life been? My one has not been a good one this week. As I said this morning, "questa settimana sono sfortunata". Perchè? Well certain unfortunate things happened, but some people are not being understanding of it and everyone pretty much hate us or me. I am not sure it is my fault but I might as well take it as my fault. Everyone is angry and upset and so be it, let them be angry and upset, perhaps at me and let me just be sad. It's just when they start scolding, I cower like a 9-year old. From being stressed out to extremely sad, now I am feeling very very guilty because I am leaving soon and with that I am leaving la Gioia in these difficult times. She has had to endure more nasty things and for that I am feeling more guilty and to leave her in such difficult time really makes me feel bad. I have nothing but hope for the best but being the pessimistic me, I can't help just feeling devastated with everything.

So with the unfortunate things that happened, I had run to food immediately when I was struck. Then there's the praying this morning. Made my way to the temple and I'm thinking if I should cover all ground and go to church tomorrow. Hence so the title of the post, which is also in reference to the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I had actually seen this book some time ago, thought it was interesting but I thought it was a typical chick flick kinda book, so I dismissed it. Then came the shout from aseagullflap so I decided to check it out at Kinokuniya today. Didn't plan to buy it especially since I am tight on money these days, but stress really caused me to be quite impulsive, so I bought it. Then I found out that it's actually based on a true story, so that is so cool. It's a story about this woman who after a divorce did a soul searching in Italy, India, and Indonesia. 2 countries are pretty dear in my heart. I've only read the introduction, will most probably start reading the book after I get back. From the introduction, I felt that it is quite fated that her self discovery came from 3 countries that started with I. Anyway my title has no love in it. Maybe I am looking at the wrong kind of love? I have been to talking to him recently though. Feel somewhat not so right for me because it feels like when we first started and I feel that we kinda starting the cycle again and last time it led to me being brokenhearted. So what the hell am I doing, ya? I am being his friend? I wish I can be without getting my heart broken *sigh*

So by the way, where am I going? My good friend Dewi is coming to town next Saturday. She got a week off because she recently resigned from her job and has a week before she starts her new one. We are going to take a short trip to Hong Kong then spend some time here. If I have my way, it will be a month in Italy. So why Hong Kong then? Well money is one major issue and also I think Hong Kong is the furthest an Indonesian can go without visa. Am I right? Who can confirm this to me? Don't start me talking on visa, I hate it so much that Indonesian needs visa to go anywhere. Anyway, I'm pretty much in charge of the Hong Kong trip. We have never been there before. So we are so excited about it and the fact that I am doing this on my own, I am more anxious and excited about it. By the way, none of us speak Cantonese or Chinese. So if all goes well, it will be a good morale boost for me, that traveling alone is possible. In light of recent situation I will also feel like I'm not a total failure, that I am a capable person that those people who think I am incompetent are the stupid dumbasses

Yesterday, Vivy kindly accompanied me to watch the performance, The Dancing Sky by Studio Festi from Italy. It's at the National Singapore Museum. Singapore is having its first night festival. Very very cool and awesome performance. What was it about? Well the description I gave Vivy was, "some operatic acrobatic floating dancers with spheres in the air ". My description was not good enough. Basically the dancers were dancing while suspended in the air, and yes there were spheres or balloons you can say. I thought they were really brave to do these stunts. The whole thing were really amazingly beautiful because I think these dancers are really dancers at heart. The stunts are just addition to the foundation that they had. The only bad thing about the whole experience was the too many people there. What can you expect, I suppose. Luckily it was Vivy who I was with. She didn't complain and was easy going and the fact that it was only 2 of us, made it easier for us to move. Let me leave you with some pictures. I couldn't take nice pictures, and these are the best I could salvage. Wish me well, peeps!

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