The Dark Night

Went to watch The Dark Knight alone yesterday. Love the alone part but I'm not as excited about the movie as many people may be or as the very high rating in IMDB. The reason is simple, I found that for a superhero movie, Batman's storyline is too heavy and as discussed during lunch today, it has many layers. For me of course it is so much better than the brainless Fantastic Four, however I found it less enjoyable than Iron Man for example. I do have to give this movie an A though, perhaps A+. One is because of the obvious effort that the writers put into writing the story. The movie is not about bang bang kill the bad guy and look cool kinda movie. There is an obvious effort in writing the story, though at some parts I do have to wonder was a certain character necessary, like the Hong Kong bad guy. RH said he was necessary so that the story can be brought to Hong Kong Seriously though, the story does not end when you expect it. When I thought the ending was near, I saw my watch and saw that there was still an hour more of the movie. I kinda feel that the writers just wanted to do a thorough job in telling the stories of all the characters, so things got pretty long. I loved that certain people didn't die and for those who did die, I didn't mind. I guess because I don't think the actors who played the character were much charming to begin with.

Heath Ledger was of course receiving much praises for his disturbing joker portrayal. I thought I would felt so eerie watching his joker, especially when I first saw the trailer I thought he was so scary, but it turned out I wasn't frightened with him. He was really good I have to say. I feel you can't even feel Heath Ledger in his joker, he just became another persona. My favorite scene of his was when he was dressed as a nurse, walking out of the hospital and detonating the bomb. It was quite funny and disturbing at the same time. I was actually thinking that the scene can be a part of a music video for some disturbing metal or rock band. Anyway back to the movie, oh yes, Heath was good. I don't know if his death did make me expect to see him on screen more. I do really wonder if he hadn't died, would he had received the many attention? Still, I think he did a really good job and every time he was on screen, he was really commanding and shined among the others. Can't really say much about the rest. Though I have to say that I like Christian Bale, he was cool in this movie I kinda like him more than the first movie Do watch it people, because you wouldn't want to miss what the whole world is talking about now Not a valid reason, I suppose

Life for me is in a matter of days now. I hope I can get through okay. Talked to mom just now. Ah, mom is the moral compass but it's still kinda hard to do the right thing. However I have to do it, I suppose. Especially since mom said so and I really do feel disobeying your mother kinda give you more bad karma or bad luck compared to other mischievous things. So good night peeps, I need to prepare myself mentally well to clear all the things that I need to clear.

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