Ci Vediamo Darlings

I think I have packed all the things I should bring. So I just want to bid adieu to you. Feeling a bit nervous now, since Dewi said she is counting on me to figure out where we're going. I think I've done enough preparation and research but now I'm getting nervous. I suppose it is like when you are taking exams. Silly ya Then dad is pushing me to see my uncle there, I don't know how that's gonna happen. I think I should do it, can't stand hearing my dad scream on the phone *sigh*

Then the body is also worrying me. Had vertigo on Wednesday and it's kinda scary for me. Flu and all I can take, but if it's fever, head spin, things that make me unable to get up and function, well these things just freak me out. Hopefully, I will just be fine and make it back here okay.

Had an unexpected call this week. A door is being opened for me. Unexpected, surprising and flattering but I think I will pass. Very very hard though, because I will be passing it purely based on emotion and feeling and not on logical reasons. Well perhaps some of it is logical. It's really tempting and the fact that the door is being opened without me asking or working towards it kinda make me wonder if it is a sign from God. Speaking of God, the Mr was like so annoyed with me talking about God, he said and I quote, "not everything also god god god one...". I think he purposely used lower case Ah, if anything, I wish he believes in God more

Okay, gotta go. Take care peeps. See you when I see you.

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