Saturday Update - 100508

I had quite a long day today. Not as long as my weekdays but somehow I'm rather tired. Morning engagement as usual. Then was supposed to see NanSee but she was discharged early so that was canceled and in the end la Gioia could have her Globetrotter lunch. I had the Indonesian nasi goreng which wasn't so authentic. Well, I suppose people would like it but I'm just not into sambal and all that stuffs. After that we went to see RH which was looking okay. Apparently the doctor knows what's wrong with him, well I hope he can get the easy way out rather than the more difficult one. After which, we went for a bit of shopping which kinda bored me a lot. I seriously don't really like shopping and all and perhaps I became quite a bore to la Gioia as well. She nicely managed not buying anything. I got some stuffs and after a second look on them, I think I did okay.

Then I went back home and got a nice surprise when I saw Copper in the train. He was actually already looking at me, spotting me first. I kinda always get stunned when people can recognize me because I think I kinda changed(?). So I suppose not though. Had small talk because I was only 2 stations away. Kinda nice to meet old friends I suppose. It's been awhile since I saw the people from my Kent Ridge days and it's always a nice surprise to see them. Of course when they said they are married and expecting kids and such, I do feel a bit of a poke inside, but lucky thing is Copper is still more or less like me I am really evil, I should actually pray for the happiness of the people that I know, instead of being happy if they are still single like me He asked, "So you're still here?". Yes, I am and right back at you Copper. How long more, I don't know. Only God knows? Though I wish things will change soon.

Moving on. So many people have gotten sick these days and I hope all of you are well. Do take care of yourself. Oh, I have to say about the thunderous nights we have been having. Last night and the night before. I was never a child who ran to their parent's bed when there's thunder at night, but these 2 nights I was really kinda scared with the thunder. My heart was beating faster with each struck and it quivered when the lightning flashed from my window. I don't know, at this age I am actually more bothered with thunder and lightning at night. Yesterday was really really bad, that I was praying with every lightning and thunder. I felt so thankful that I was inside instead of outside. I also realize that I am quite lucky in many ways. With 2 people I know had to be hospitalized, I couldn't help feeling that I am so blessed and protected by God, that even though I got sick and such, I am okay. I haven't really experienced much difficulties in life. I guess I have to be more grateful.

Movie this week was Nim's Island which I watched with Yen, la Gioia, Starfish, and Gascoigne. I think I am bloody nice to Gascoigne but I suppose he has his nice moments to me. Some days ago, my weird brain was thinking if I should give an Italian name to Starfish, what would it be. Matteo came to mind. It's the Italian version for Matthew and a short Google away, I found out that Matteo means "Gift of God". Nice, no? Anyway back to the movie. Nim's Island wasn't amazing. I actually found it to be quite long. It was so unrealistic and illogical at many points but I suppose the target audience are young kids (10 something) who would just be happy to see the main characters conquer all. The movie is about the adventure that Abigail Breslin, Jodie Foster, and Gerard Butler's characters had. Individually and separately. As I said, at many times they were illogical. Not much excitement really. Of the 3 characters, I have to say I kinda connected with Jodie Foster's character the most. I can relate to the part of having fear and having to take steps on her own. Scary, really scary. Anyways, the movie ends well, obviously. Should you watch it? No

Okay before I end this post, one last part to share. One Sunday night I was enlightened that I would be okay, that my brain and my logical decision was correct and I would be fine. However little touch swayed me. I wanted to scream "It's not fair! It's so not fair". Is walking away the only way to be fine? Quando c'è sentimento, non c'è mai pentimento. That was from a song. Non ho un pentimento but I want to be alright. I don't want to be heartbroken *sigh*

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