I pride myself as a dedicated and committed person. I know that I am quite reliable and responsible, yadda yadda yadda. I'm not lying though and I can say those words with conviction. Case example: reached my room close to midnight last night and woke up at 7:30 something this morning to start with my Saturday engagement. I have never missed my Saturday engagement without valid reasons, such as: going home, sick, or once in a long time chances like meeting Rista. That's every Saturday for you, for almost 2 and a half years now. What keeps me going? What made me got up my bed despite it being a Saturday, which occasionally have its lazy rainy morning? I have no explanation other than I have too much control in me, and that dedicated and committed line on top. Sometime I wish I could be one of those people who just do what their emotion or feeling tell them to do. I wish I could just laze for a day because I feel like it or just to sleep in because I feel sleepy, but NO ... I always end up waking up and walking out of the door. I just can't be one of those people. I was one of those people in my first year of Uni and I paid the consequences. In my first term, I died a horrible death. Sigh. I suppose that wasn't really me back then, if I have regrets in life, that would be one of it.

Anyway, I guess forcing it does come with its negativity. I am most antisocial in the morning, quite often I just don't want to talk to anyone until I'm ready to do so. But some people just couldn't follow my 9 am rule so even before that I have to deal with shit. Then there are days when I'm also on edge and often I just don't have the patience to deal with dumb people which still happen a lot this week. You have to be fair though, perhaps they are not really dumb, perhaps it's just me being a bitch with no patience. Oh dear, this becomes a complaining session, no? So sorry.

This writing started actually just to tell you that perhaps I am older that I couldn't really go out late and be on point the next day. In retrospect, it has never happened anyway. In Uni days, I slept at dawn, woke up for my 10 am lecture, in which it was also just the case of the presence of the body and not the mind. I was there just because I felt bad about skipping it but I didn't try to understand anything. Another bigger regret is me not trying harder in my Uni days, that was really a big mistake in life and I am perhaps paying the consequences now. Ah, another round of complaining. So sorry. So anyway yeah, so what happened today was that I was feeling so sleepy during my Saturday engagement that I found it really hard to concentrate. I feel rather bad to kind Arianna. Sigh.

Reason for being so sleepy was because I slept late, because as mentioned I arrived in my room sometime near to midnight last night. Went to watch The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Movie was at 08:30 pm so it ended late and I got really really tired, I even still felt tired this morning. The benefit of movie starting late was ample time for dinner which was at Tambuah Mas. I kinda needed the comfort food. Still love the food there and still want to go there again soon, because there are so many things that I wanted to eat. Dinner for 2 didn't really allow us to order much. Love the efficiency of the place and the fact that it's quite cheap there.

I found Narnia to be quite good. I think I would enjoy it better if I wasn't so tired and was more alert. They have some interesting lines. Fighting scenes were interesting. There were interesting characters. I normally not one who are excited about talking animals, but I love the talking animals here, the badger and the oh-yes-very-cute mouse. Aslan the lion didn't give much impressions on me though, I found him to be very interesting in the first movie. Speaking of which, watching this sequel, I was thinking I should have watched the first one again, to remember how the kids were back then. The kids are of course older now. I came to the movie thinking that Prince Caspian was rather handsome but I went out liking High King Peter more. He is more appealing for me, and I could really fall with this blondie. Overall, quite a nice movie, watch it if you are into this kind of fantasy genre. I kinda love it. I kinda like the whole magic and adventure elements. I guess my childish side just came out strong when I watched this movie. Love the land of Narnia so much. The sceneries were beautiful and I would love to be in those place, to see the islands, forests, beach, rivers. Amazing sceneries.

Wanted to watch Salvatore today. In the end, I didn't. I'm pretty disappointed with myself. Very very disappointed actually. Aaarrrgghh. Let's see if I can get the movie.

Tomorrow is Esther's wedding. Felt rather worried if I wouldn't know anyone there that I asked her whom I will be seated with. She assured me that Shervin, Elina, and Wawa are flying over and I will be sitting with them. So I guess that's not bad. These people are people from my primary and junior high school days. The last time I saw them was most probably 11 years ago. We were not the closest of friends back then, so I kinda wonder if we can talk much, but I suppose there will be things to talk about, especially if we are to endure that long chinese wedding dinner. So I'm kinda excited and slightly nervous about meeting them. That's rather a silly thing to say, isn't it? Oh well. Alrighty, take care you guys. Ciao!

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