The Long Weekend That Ends

Hello peeps, how have your long weekend been? So it is ending. For me it's not just the long weekend which is ending but also the free and solitary week that I have been having. Well you can't play all the time. Playing is perhaps what I have been doing lately when I really shouldn't. I should have been more focused. Today I tried to squeeze in some brainy activities but it didn't work so well. Tomorrow onwards I see nothing but me having to move full speed ahead *sigh* Help me God please.

Went to watch Made of Honor yesterday with Vivy. She was running really late so it seemed that we were going to miss the movie. I tried to collect the ticket myself though I thought it would be highly impossible since she was the one who did the booking. Miraculously, the boy at the counter made it happen after he asked his manager to key in some password or pin. I was at awe. Maybe the boy remembered me from 2 days before. So peeps, next time you're in such situation, perhaps you could try approaching the people at the counter with a desperate and rather blur look and of course be extremely polite

The movie was not bad, though it was typical. I was never one who was into McDreamy in Grey's Anatomy but I have to say that Patrick Dempsey was appetizing in this movie. I really cannot say much about the story because it is typical and as expected. Should you watch it? Well I kinda like it but perhaps you will find it too ordinary. Anyways that movie along with the movies that I watched this long weekend, 2 Weeks Notice, Before Sunrise (I didn't really watch all of it), and The Truth About Cats and Dogs kinda have one thing in common. That guy and girl relationship and what made them so awesome. I guess it's good conversation. I guess when you gonna spend forever with someone, you should be able to have that good conversation with that someone. I know that it is rare, to be able to talk about everything with someone, not necessarily about life and what bothers you and all that stuffs but also about stuffs like where the polar bear and the penguin live. Ah, I miss that.

So I asked a question this week, do you want your girlfriend to be your friend first or you just want to meet a girl and try to make her your girlfriend? He answered I want her to be my friend first. I think I asked the wrong question. I suppose the question I should ask is that do you want to fall for your friend? Then I said it sucks, it sucks to fall for your friend and not having that person feeling the same way. Sometime it didn't end the way movies are, like in Made of Honor when the 2 good friends ended up together. Sometime, as I saw in an Indonesian reality TV show recently, the girl just wanted to stay the way she is with the guy even though the boy likes her and perhaps she likes him too and their friendship is so blurry *sigh* Girls can be so confusing sometime.

Okay, enough talking about relationship? It sucks when you don't have it? It sucks also when you have it? I guess if it's not the right one then it sucks. I guess when it's right then it's just comforting? I just like the dynamic of the couple in Made of Honor and 2 Weeks Notice. When you complement each other, when you know what each other is thinking, when you know what each other likes or dislikes, when you can eat what the other doesn't like to eat. That's pretty much the type of relationship that I want, I suppose Still waiting here ...

Moving on to other stuffs, I was watching Channel News Asia as I am writing this. It's featuring how Indonesian Reformation is, now that it's been 10 years. 10 years, my goodness. Unbelievable. I've forgotten many things from that time. There's bits and pieces that I could still remember. Sitting on the bus and watching the crowds in the Trisakti University having demonstration. Strangely I wasn't scared though there were so many people there. Then the day before the big riot where me and Rista and Meylyana crossed that bridge to go to our area and seeing nothingness on the streets which were normally filled with traffic jam. Nothing at all, if you think about it, it's so freaky. I remember my dad driving Rista to the church of her father's friend. I remember being at home and just waiting, seeing people passing by with the things that they looted. We were okay. We were safe and sound. How it was possible, I think God is the only answers. How time flies. 10 years have gone by. A decade. How's our country now? I can't say much. I guess I am not one who can give comment anyway, since I haven't been spending much time there. Still I think, it's not a bad place to be in, even my dear Jakarta.

Okay, gonna go now. Kinda have a few things this week. I don't know why, I have all these nervousness in me for the coming week. I hope things will be alright. Spero che tutti sia bene, per favore Dio. Ciao tutti!

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