I Love Owen Wilson

Hi peeps, just reached my room some time ago and I am sneezing myself away now while frantically trying to dry my hair. Not actually having a good day today, perhaps the only good thing today was that I managed to get away half an hour earlier. I just felt so relieved to be able to get out from everyone and be on my own. Watching the Thomas Cup semi final now but the connection is so bad. Indonesia VS Korea and the standing currently is 0-2, aarrrgghh ...

Anyway, went to watch Drillbit Taylor today. Nobody wanted to watch it and so after much hesitation I just went with my trusty self. I like watching movies alone but I do get insecure a lot of times and at such times it's quite difficult to drag myself. Today I am glad that I managed to drag myself to watch this movie alone. I enjoyed Drillbit Taylor so much and I totally recommend all of you to watch it. I had so much laughter and it was really a good destress for me. The story was about these 3 boys who were first years in high school and were the victims of the school's notorious bullies. They couldn't fight for themselves so they hired the bum, Owen Wilson, as their bodyguard. As the tagline says, the best bodyguard pocket money can buy. I am so interested to watch this because of this concept, but I think this same thing is what drove other people away.

One of the writers wrote Superbad as well and since I watched that, I couldn't help feeling that this is the younger version of those dudes in Superbad. 3 geeks, 2 of them are the bestest friends, and 1 of them was fat with curly hair. You really can't help feeling the similarity. I actually like this more than Superbad. I suppose I prefer a tamer movie rather than the very-full-with-crude-language Superbad. I thought the 3 boys were rather lovable, Wade, Ryan, and Emmit. They were still geeks and pretty weak and at times you do get annoyed with their helplessness but they were really quite likeable. At the climax when they really stood up for themselves and fought the bullies, I felt so proud for them I thought the 3 of them held their parts of the movie really well.

However being the older me, I like Owen Wilson the most. One can't really say he is one of the most handsome actors around currently or the best actors around. In fact he often acted the same in whichever movie he's in. I felt quite sorry for him when I read the news that he tried to kill himself. In this movie, I think he did quite well. I could feel the kindness in Drillbit. As I said, he's not stunningly handsome, but somehow I was kinda really drawn to him. So yeah, I just want to say I love Owen Wilson! Ah dude, I hope you're not feeling so hopeless in your life anymore. So watch Drillbit Taylor peeps. Good laugh. A really good feel-good entertainment

On other news, this week generally has been alright. They were moments of upsets but oh well, what else is new. The week started quite interestingly actually. Went to Adobe Flash Actionscript 3.0 training on Monday. I thought the speaker Colin Moock was handsome Ah yeah, you may be wondering if I actually learned anything there or I just ogled at him. Well I did. Got a reminder of those OOP days in NUS. Been trying a few stuffs but I haven't started anything major yet and as usual I have difficulties visualizing how to integrate the major graphical parts and the brainy programming parts. I don't know perhaps all this time all the graphical parts are what drive me more. Anyways, I'm kinda quite interested with all these, so see what I can come out with. Was also in awe with Colin's brain as well, so that's kinda a drive but if 3 years in Uni taught me anything, is that some people just have talent in it and I don't really have it. Oh yeah, I should say despite of me thinking he's quite handsome and all, I could sense his geeky side which kinda reminded me of this very awesome programmer we know. All these people like speak a different language They're still cool though!

Met a few people I know there like WeePee, Vinny, and HillOne. It's so good to be able to see them. It's been a while, especially HillOne. We took the train home together, had a few talk. That guy always has a good head on his shoulders. With all his hard work, I think he is destined to be awesome.

Okay, gonna go now and start my long weekend. Really need this time of solitude. Take care peeps.

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