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Was working on a new blog skin because apparently the dolphin picture is (perhaps) corrupted. So in some places it cannot be displayed correctly though my vaio is displaying it just fine. Anyway, working on a new page design apparently takes a lot of work even though it is only 1 page but I suppose because I sucks in designing, so I take ages. So I don't know when it's going to be up (if ever).

This week has not been smooth sailing as well. I don't want to talk about it much. Been spending much money because of the stress. On Monday, I dragged la Gioia to Swensens because I wanted the omelette and coit tower (I may sound like a pregnant girl, ya?). She kindly obliged. I guess I will do no good if I am too stressed out, so she's just helping me to ease out a bit. Then today I went for a movie, lunch, and (very expensive) desserts with Vivy. I really really need to spend less. I don't have much money

Anyways, movie today was Charlie Bartlett, which I really really enjoyed. It told the story of this rich boy who went to a public school after being kicked out (apparently many times) from a private rich school for (legal) misdemeanor. So he basically wanted to be cool and popular and he made it by acting as a shrink to the kids in school. He himself has a shrink on call, whom he used to get all the medication he needed to give to the kids. Somehow it's always the case, you just can't be cool by being simple, smart, and nice, you just have to be something more. Charlie was such a character. He's actually a harmless, decent, and normal guy. I just got to thinking that many people seem so ordinary but all you need is to talk to them and you'll find the the uniqueness of them, and how each of them has something special. All the characters inside the movie had something deeper going on inside them apart from the facade that they were wearing, the labels that people gave them on first glance. It's nice to see how all the characters were being explored as the movie progressed, for example Charlie's "business partner", Murphy, whom I thought to be quite handsome after looking at him many times I think he, Charlie, Charlie's mom, and the principal were the ones who stood out quite well in this movie. Charlie himself acted really well, if you really paid attention to how he acted when he was high, singing, playing the piano, and reciting the monologue for the school play. Talented guy. Maybe I should have watched this movie earlier and written about it so that you all can go and watch it. It's phasing out now, so the timing is a bit sucky. However if you can get your hand on the movie, watch it peeps.

Okay, I have some things that I want to write about, thoughts that float in and out but very likely would never get written. I should be more productive in my writing I suppose. I don't know, perhaps I have a really poor time management that I can't seem to get the time to do many things that I should be doing sigh.

[Added Sunday: 10:04 pm]
So finished the design. Started blogging in 2003 and it's around 5 years later that I changed the design *sigh* Yes, that's a sign of me being lazy but that's also a sign that I cannot part with things. Things have to change, people have to move on. The only thing which is constant in this world is change and yet I don't like change much, no matter how much I try to deny it. So fast forward 5 years from when I started the blog, I suppose I am better on certain things. Perhaps on design? Definitely on CSS and page layout. However with more things you know, you realize that there's a whole universe out there which is unknown to you and at times that feels rather frustrating because yes, so many things I don't know in this world of Internet.

Anyways, new design give less space to write. That's one thing that bothers me a lot. So I make the text smaller so that the page doesn't go longer to eternity. I hope you don't feel annoyed reading my many words. Maybe when I am ready, I get a new design which is better for the eyes. So for the time being, bear with this, and enjoy the changes. I know I have to push myself to accept this. I'm not saying the old design is better, but I am always the sentimental one and so that's why I have difficulties in letting go and moving on.

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