Vantage Point

Went to watch Vantage Point with Vivy yesterday and my God, deep sigh. It wasn't as I expected. The movie was less than 90 minutes and amazingly the makers managed to make it feel rather long. I thought the idea was great. Seeing the trailer I thought it would be about some special agents solving the assassination of the US presidents with the help of the different points of view of the different people who were on the scene. My oh my, it's not really so. It was perhaps slightly like that, the different people in the movie did help the special agent but I feel it wasn't developed well.

// ------------------- spoiler alert ----------------------------------

For one, instead of moving from one person to another and seeing what they saw in a continuous manner, we got flash backs of the different characters. So when 1 person was reaching the climax of what he saw, it was stopped and we went to 20 minutes before the incident and looking at it from another person's point of view. We counted, there were 6 times of this moving back and forth. I thought if it has been made for a tv series, it could actually be rather interesting. However for a movie, it just felt rather lame. True enough, the audiences laughed whenever we were being brought back to the flash back. It felt rather annoying at times for me, because as things are moving and gaining momentum, we had to slow down *sigh*

There were many famous actors but not all of them actually got much air time. Matthew Fox was actually a bad guy (it's kinda a bummer for me) and even him didn't really play much role. He spoke Spanish though and I felt it sounded rather weird. One of the bad guy was hot though, too bad he had to die. The ending was rather horrible for me, because the terrorist who sacrificed everything and killed everyone easily actually had some moral conscience at the climax. He swerved the ambulance he was driving to avoid hitting a little girl and with that he hit a wall, got badly injured and the president whom he was kidnapping could be saved. I say, it could only happen in a movie. I think real terrorists wouldn't do something like that. When they are already committed to the mission, I think they would stop at nothing.

So yeah, that's my take. I just found that it wasn't as exciting as I hope it would be.

// --------------- end of vantage point -------------------

Life is tiring today. Another tiring day tomorrow. There's a good chance I will be so happy tomorrow or be so extremely disappointed and devastated. Me who always see the glass as half empty feel like tomorrow is not gonna be a nice one. So I feel like praying for God to give me strength and help me stay composed.

Mi manca ancora. Mi manca. Mi manca. Mi manca. Mi manca ogni giorno. Vorrei sorridere ma quando gli penso, mi manca, e sono triste

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