The Spiderwick Chronicles

Watched The Spiderwick Chronicles with la Gioia yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised and entertained by it. Actually I wasn't so excited about watching it, but I really wanted to watch something and between Horton and The Spiderwick Chronicles, la Gioia chose Spiderwick. I was slightly interested in it because of my dear boy Freddie Highmore. He was really a dear to watch and he really made me wanna watch August Rush. In Spiderwick, I actually like him more as Simon, eventhough he wasn't the main character. He was also good as Jared, but I just love the softer Simon more. The story itself wasn't bad, though there wasn't actually much variety of creatures to be seen. The ending was a bit anti climatic, but oh well, the good triumphs, what more do you expect. I still find it to be a good watch, so if you want something light, you can go and watch this one. I should say again that Freddie Highmore really has potential and I hope to see more good movies from him. Most importantly I hope he does not fall into the stupidity that many young actors experience.

Was contemplating if I should write about what happened on Sunday night, but decided not to because it's rather too dramatic to say and perhaps morbid. What else there is to share? How about 1 hour ago I finished 1 pint of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia in less than half an hour. Goodness me. I am that crazy. Somehow I feel so happy that I managed to do that, especially since yesterday I was quite disappointed that I couldn't eat much and in the end didn't get to have my merri-mint I seriously felt defeated yesterday and felt that something was really wrong with my body that I couldn't eat much. NanSee asked me if I'm not scared I would get fat when I told her that I finished 1 pint of Ben & Jerry's. No, I'm not because I feel skinny. Yeah, perhaps that's kinda stretching it a bit but seriously there are days when I feel skinny and there are days when I feel rather chubby. On the days when I feel skinny, I actually pity myself and think I should really try to take care myself better. Anyways, I find that clothings really help me (at least for me) feel skinny. As I am sitting here typing, wearing a t-shirt Rista bought me and a short (quite short really), I do feel skinny. So yeah peeps, this is the crazy girl talking. I am actually more sad about the fact that it cost me 13 bucks plus for that 1 pint which I whooped so fast. Still, I do not recommend you to do the same if you are on diet or in diabetes watch. I don't know if I am one who should advice though since I don't really care about such thing myself

Okay gotta go now peeps. There are things to do and yet I am so lazy to do them all.

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