Hello peeps. Just woke up about an hour ago and I suppose as soon as I woke up, restlessness and loneliness really attacked. Could perhaps have made it to NUS for the free movie screening but decided I was too tired. The secret recipe banana chocolate cake did help but now after reading a few things I got reminded of a few stuffs and got rather mellow. I realized that I don't have much energy literally. I don't know why. Slept at 12 plus last midnight, woke up and lazed in my bed until 7:30 something this morning and off I went to start my day. Morning engagement and then movie with Vivy. Reached my room at 5 plus and somehow I couldn't contain the sleepiness, hence I took a nap. Didn't sleep much but I did sleep awhile. I think I had quite an okay day, I just don't know why I'm so tired. Vivy was like up perhaps earlier than me, had her jogging, had her house stuff, had movie with me, then she went to Millenia Walk, then a karaoke session and I'm just amazed that she has the energy to do all that. There was a time when I tried to squeeze in as many activities on Saturday as I can, but I have to admit that these days I just say I'm tired for many things. Maybe I should be more active or distracted with stuff so that I wouldn't feel as lonely as I do now *sigh*

Okay on life. Found out from mom that my cousin's uncle passed away. That is so sad really. He had 2 boys and they're not really adults and I can't imagine losing a dad at a young age. I can't imagine his wife also having to move on without a husband. What's more sad about it is that it's all so sudden. He didn't die because of a chronic disease. From what I heard he just had a headache after playing badminton, then he was admitted in the hospital and fell into a coma. In a span of a few days, he died. Hence why I said in my previous post that life is precious. I also told you guys to be thankful for everything that you have, especially parents. Since Astley passed away, somehow it does scare me when someone leave so suddenly like that. I don't like that. Another reason why I got sad just now was because I stumbled into a post in Jane's blog. A talk she had over meal with Astley in which Astley asked what's the most important thing in your life? Astley said that the most important thing was to be happy. Seriously, reading the whole paragraph there, I almost felt like crying over him again because it's really what Astley would say *breathe in* I think I kinda really worried him sometime, I worried him because as many people have pointed out, I do often look sad. I am a sad soul, I guess. Maybe I should really do everyone a favor by trying to appear cheery.

Moving on. I wasn't in a good form in today's morning engagement. Talked about a few stuff. The shooting in Outram Park for example. I hope I don't get into trouble writing this down. MS asked what our opinion about it. S said that she felt that the police should shoot the guy in the leg, instead of shooting the guy lethally. Personally for me, my first reaction was what happened? The news said the guy was behaving in a threatening manner, but what does that mean, it wasn't explained in detail. He was not a young guy and his weapon (if it was with him at that time) was a knife. So I just felt that not much explanation was given about how the man behaved to deserve to be shot to death. Of course I had difficulty expressing these thoughts in words *sigh* A friend of MS was actually there when it happened and he was behind the policeman. He said the policeman just shot the guy without warning, without saying freeze, stop, or something like that and the shooting was in a distance of 3 m away. This actually tallied to a story from one of the eye witness being interviewed on tv, he said they suddenly heard a shot and quickly hid behind a wall. So before that they didn't hear or perhaps saw anything suspicious. So MS asked us again what we thought of this. Hearing everyone said their opinion, I had to say something creative and luckily this brain could work. First and foremost actually I thought the policeman was panicking that he just shot the guy so that he wouldn't have to deal with him face to face on close proximity, then being the kind me I offered another explanation that perhaps it had to be done because there may not be much time 'till a train arrived and the guy went into the train. Whatever it is, somehow Singapore is getting to be quite happening, no? We also talked about the escaped terrorist, in which the peeps seemed to be sure he had fleed the country. Indonesia was the general agreement. I don't get how he could have done so. It would be difficult to do so if he's alone but if he's not alone then how come he could be that lucky. He managed to have his people helped him flee in an efficient time though his escape was perhaps an unexpected lucky break? Maybe as Ms. Kiera suspected, someone from the inside was involved. That would actually make more sense. Anyways, they're still looking for him. He could pass in front of me and I may not notice him.

Next. Movie today was Charlie Wilson's War, which I found to be not so bad but perhaps it's rather difficult to follow the conversation. The top actors were of course great. Kinda miss seeing Julia Roberts on screen. As a matter of fact, kinda miss Tom Hanks too. The story was based on a true story, amazingly. I found it really remarkable that people can really change the world. Should you watch it? Well, it's not as funny as I thought it would be, it actually really got down to business. As I said the conversation could be hard to follow, but if you could follow them, you could find some witty lines and the characters should be applauded for saying them in a very entertaining manner, especially Philip Seymour Hoffman. I think it's quite an interesting watch, but it's really not your typical box office movie despite of the big stars.

Let me leave you right now with perhaps the first love story I've written. Of course Maria helped me a lot with fixing everything. I would say it's half fiction because (I wonder if it's actually obvious) I'm writing it from the girl's point of view, namely me. I could be so wrong, so just take it as a fiction. I guess you are somewhat disappointed that you couldn't understand this, ya?

Questa è una storia su una ragazza e un ragazzo. All' inizio loro non parlavano spesso, si salutavano solamente. Un giorno hanno cominciato a parlare più. Lei era sorpresa perchè non pensava che lui e lei potessero parlare tanto perchè lui era molto diverso di lei. Lui sentiva la stessa cosa. Era interessante per lui scoprire questa ragazza. Per lui, lei era carina, intelligente, e gentile. Hanno cominciato a cenare spesso insieme. A lui piace molto il gelato e spesso prendevano il dolce insieme.

A lui cominciava a piacere sempre di più però lei non era sicura che lui avesse un sentimento speciale per lei. Lui non le diceva mai niente però ogni giorno lui la cercava. Lei si sentiva un pò strana perchè le diceva sempre tutto. Lei non capiva perchè lui avesse tanto fiducia con lei. Da parte sua, semplicemente lei era molto felice quando passavano il tempo insieme.

Un giorno lei ha deciso che aveva bisogno di dirgli il suo sentimento. Lui era sorpreso perchè lui non immaginava che avesse un sentimento speciale per lui. A lui piaceva però pensava che fosse meglio se rimanevano amici. Lei era un pò triste. Lei pensava che una volta avesse avuto un sentimento per lei ma che ora il sentimento fosse scomparso.


Penso che loro si siano incontrati in un momento diverso. É triste che nessuno abbia detto niente. É probabile che lui abbia avuto un sentimento speciale prima, però non aveva detto mai niente. Poi lei si è resa conto del suo sentimento, però in quel momento lui non aveva lo stesso forte sentimento. Penso che sia triste.

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