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Watched that with Vivy yesterday. Love it though perhaps it's your typical chick flick. I think many people (meaning girls) cried during the movie. I cried quite tearfully when the first present from the dead husband came and that was quite early in the movie. I had expected the movie to be very sweet, in a way it was but it was also about moving on and facing reality when someone you love die, so it's not all about unrealistic saccharin sweetness. Even the ending wasn't as I expected, or perhaps in a way it was. I thought Hilary Swank's character was going to end up with Harry Connick Jr, but they didn't. They kissed and they didn't feel anything special. I wonder if it's true. You kiss someone and if the kiss wasn't good then nothing romantic can happen between the 2 of you. Well this movie seemed to say so, since Lisa Kudrow's character also walked out on a guy whom she kissed and apparently didn't feel any tingle with. I also got to thinking. Say the widow got a chance to meet another true love and got married, so what happened when they die and meet the first husband in heaven? What's then? There can be more than 1 true love? Ah, some people think true love is just a myth. Yes, I know my head is funny. Anyways, so I think the movie is nice. The actors were pretty good, Hilary Swank, Gerard Butler (who was dazzlingly charming in this movie), Lisa Kudrow, and the rest were an interesting watch. Some of the lines were witty and I was pretty entertained. Ireland was green of course. I really hope I get to go to Ireland someday. Go and watch it if you are in the mood for some light watch.

Saturday started off with morning engagement. It's getting harder and harder now to keep up with it. Yes, I am physically there (though I have to painfully drag myself there) but I don't concentrate well and I don't say any substantial thing so that pretty much defeats the purpose. Then the work is getting harder and I'm so not committed to it. It is needing more time than before and yet I'm giving it less and less attention. I know I should do the work and yet my laziness win the best of me *sigh* Okay, I'll try. I will try my best to give it the required effort.

Let's go back to movies. So Saturday was movie, movie and movie. Went home and watched Under the Tuscan Sun. Amazingly I hadn't watched that before. Another movie that didn't go as I expected it would. However I think it's pretty close to real life. Not everyone gets a happy ending or perhaps sometime happy ending is not as we imagined it to be. We just need to stand a while and see that we do get everything we ask for though it wasn't as we spelled it to be. I hope I get to see this light someday too.

After Under the Tuscan Sun was Closer. I can just say that it's rather a strange movie for me. Jude Law was handsome but I hate his character a lot. Clive Owen was a hottie in his own right as well. Natalie Portman was beautiful, as always. Not a movie that I am keen to watch again but there was something that struck me in this movie, a line which I thought was pretty true. Jude Law's character was telling Natalie Portman that he fell in love with Julia Roberts' Character. Natalie Portman's character said "Oh, as if you had no choice? There's a moment, there's always a moment. I can do this, I can give into this, or I can resist it, and I don't know when your moment was, but I bet you there was one". Very true, I think it's very true indeed.

Take care peeps!

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