The Kite Runner

Went to watch The Kite Runner yesterday with La Gioia. I may should have rallied more people or waited for a more convenient time for my usual companions so that we could watch the movie together. However I wasn't in a mood to compromise. I don't have much time anyway. I found the movie to be okay. It felt quite slow at times but I don't think it's the movie's fault. It covered a lot of parts of the books, parts which I did want to see. Some parts were omitted, of course due to time constraint. Only 1 part was not the same, the part where Amir fought to get Sohrab back. I don't really know why they changed that, maybe for more dramatic reason. The book was such a good reading, it keeps you going and going, so perhaps the book feels faster and more interesting than the movie. Still, I think the movie was a passable attempt on the book. Did it evoke as much emotion as the book? I didn't really feel so, but perhaps because I'd read the book hence I know more and have felt more. La Gioia said she did feel sad that Amir didn't have the chance to meet Hassan again. Yeah reading the book, I thought it was pretty cruel of the writer but life never is fair, ya?

A few days back, Ms. Kiera told me that the actor who played adult Amir was hot! Yes, he was handsome. At some point I thought he looked a bit like Jude Law However the actor that stole the show was definitely young Hassan. My God, that boy was just simple, lovable, gentle, nice, kind; he really embodied what Hassan was just by the way he was. His expression was sincere, his smile was captivating and you would just fall in love with him. I pictured what Hassan would look like when he said "For you, a thousand times over." and gosh, you would just love him. Young Amir was handsome as well. It made me wonder if Afghans are good looking bunch. Baba wasn't as I expected. In the book, stories had it he fought a bear, so I was expecting someone bigger and fiercer, more like Hagrid, but Baba looked pretty normal. There was the "Fuck Russia" scene in the bar, but it didn't tickle me as much as when I read that part at the bus stop one morning. Young Hassan and Ali themselves were not the same as the book, but it's understandable. I think it would be difficult to find the people that fit the physical appearance of the characters with all their deformity. I also found young Assef to be different from what I expected. He was skinny and not as big as I expected and he didn't really look a bit Caucasian at all. The movie did help me to relate with Amir's sadness about how Afghanistan has become. I did imagine in my head how their houses looked like in the peace time (which was different with how the movie showed it) but seeing the scenes in the movie, you do get sad seeing that one time that place was nice, beautiful, people were happy and now it is in such a turmoil. I think it feels even more frustrating because things are not showing signs that they would get better. Another thing that makes you feel thankful for what you have. Anyway, I do think you should watch the movie, especially if you don't read. Just watch this for a different kind entertainment.

Now about life. Life has taken quite a turn this week, which reminded me aarrgghh, I have to complete something! Darn, I'm so lazy even to do this good thing. Anyway, yeah life has taken quite a turn and I was thinking. I hope for God to show me signs and yet when it happens I kinda don't believe that God makes it that way. I don't know what I want. It's strange. There were times when I thought I deserved better and yet I didn't get it and now when something good happens to me, I feel skeptical and worried because somehow I wonder if I deserve it. I feel like smacking my head for not accepting a blessing as it is. I just feel God's way are strange and I know the reason I feel that way is because I don't understand it. He's amazing and things happen and one thing may trigger another, after all life are pieces that come together. Maybe I feel strange because I only see the current chain of events while perhaps as it had been pointed out to me, there were reasons from the past that carried me to this state, reasons that had everything to do with me and not because of other people. I'm thinking of all those time, if people had known what it was like really, they would have definitely screaming at me telling me to get out. Some of whom did tell me so. I didn't. I stay. I think it's because I'm a lazy bum who hope God shows me the path. I stay and here I am. Strange but perhaps I truly deserve it. Perhaps this is God's way, a reward for my perseverance. I'm still skeptical and things are yet to be seen. I'm still in a disbelief state. Either way, praise the Lord almighty!

Other part of life. My dear cousin sent me an sms yesterday, telling me about this crush she had a decade ago who apparently is getting married. I don't know if she still has that crush or it's just that lingering feeling, of how the person you like floats in and out of your head sometime. I don't think I have any lingering feeling on any person that I had a crush on before, however my cousin makes me think that we two are alike in many ways. I think when we like someone, it can be pretty deep. Hence why I'm in this deep shit of trying to get someone off my head. Aaah, this is always not the fun part of having a crush and I know for me it will take a long time. I don't know what to say. Maybe I should just focus my energy to other important things? I do try to do that but he floats in to my head when my head is still. It's annoying. It breaks my heart. Aah, part and parcel of life I guess.

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