Ms. Mun said I wrote a lot of movie reviews, I should try writing movie reviews for magazine. Well, I don't think it's possible? Since I am very bias in my review? I'm not objective at all as you will find out soon Why I often write about movies? Because I do watch movies a lot and some personal life things cannot be put here because if everything are exposed, there will be consequences and I'm basically not a very open person myself

So Jumper. Watched that with NanSee and La Gioia yesterday. Before we went, Vinny was already telling us that the movie sucks and he was rather disappointed with it. Me, on the contrary, say "I love it!!!". Before we went, I told Vinny, never mind that the story was not so good, we're going to watch the handsome Hayden Christensen anyway and my oh my, he's so my kind of guy Love him, love him, love him! I noticed that he has very beautiful eyes. So the movie is good because of him. I think for girls it's enough that there's him. Then of course you want to be a jumper, no? You just get drawn into the movie because of all the possibility that you can do as a jumper. Characters wise, I think Jamie Bell's, Griffin, was quite a charmer as well. An entertaining movie will always need that one character that say all the smart or witty lines or the one who make you laugh. That's him. Story wise? Well I have to be objective here. Yes, story wise, it was a bit weak. There wasn't much said about the palladin organization that hunt the jumpers. Why and who are they weren't elaborated. All the fierce fighting didn't help to quench the curiosity of wanting to know more about them. Then David's mother was such a mystery. A palladin member who seemed to have quite a rank in the organization and yet married such an ordinary guy. So many parts of the story were unresolved and basically if you look at it, did not make for a very good story to tell. My reasoning is perhaps they are saving these unresolved things for a sequel. For me, Hayden Christensen and all the nice places saved the movie but for a guy like Vinny, it's so not enough I teased him that he was just jealous of Hayden Well, he is right in a way, saying that the story wasn't good enough.

So that's the movie review. Had dinner at Manhattan Fish yesterday with the girls. I love that place. Darn it though that I don't have a good appetite these days that I couldn't eat much and in the end we couldn't manage to finish all the food. I couldn't sleep well, I couldn't eat. Something is definitely wrong with me and I'm kinda worried. Right now, I'm just trying to wait it out and see if things are going to improve. The not sleeping really takes its toll on me. My head is often heavy and right now I'm quite dizzy. I really really really want to be able to sleep.

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