Today is my last day in Singapore. A part of me kinda wish it's the last day for ever. However, it's my last day for the year 2007. Unless God has other plans. I wanted a pleasant and peaceful last day. Unfortunately, it's raining, so it's not as bright as I would have liked it. I'm sneezing now. Nonetheless, I quite like my day so far. A good day for me would include a nice breakfast but I didn't really get that either. It's alright. Then I would watch a movie, which I did, National Treasure: Book of Secrets. I actually didn't watch the first one in the cinema, I watched it on TV, and I thought it's pretty cool so I was quite excited about catching the second one and I really do love it. I like the story. I like the characters. There are more character being introduced this time around. I think they're pretty good. People like Helen Mirren and Jon Voight made for such an entertainment, regardless of their characters not being so big. Nicholas Cage was interesting. There were many witty lines provided by those characters, of course the wittiest would be Riley Poole, played by Justin Bartha, as he was also in the first one. Diane Kruger was also interesting. I'm glad that the old cast were back. I love the whole treasure hunting and solving clues part though perhaps these what turn so many people off about this movie It seemed like there would be another sequel. I'll be looking forward for that.

So home is in a matter of hours. As a matter of fact, I don't have much time to write. I still have to clean my room. I'm really looking forward to be home and be released from Singapore. I had quite a torturous days leading to this day and such days will wait for me to come back. As such I was already feeling a bit gloomy yesterday thinking of the day when I have to come back to Singapore. That day seems so near. Things can be better, I suppose. Things can be good here? I guess if deep down inside you have so much unhappiness, dissatisfaction, and restlessness, you just gonna be sad no matter where you are.

Moving on, 2007. It's been quite a year. So many major things happened. I've learnt many things and experienced quite a few things. There's a lost, there's a found. There's an unexpected encounter which grow without me realizing it. I think this is the one thing which is still unsettling and unresolved as I am leaving this country. Maybe as slow as it has seeped in, it too has slowly dissipated. Maybe it's gone, maybe I didn't notice it, as I didn't notice when and how it started to be there. Every encounter had it purpose and perhaps it had done its purpose. I did smile, I did laugh, I did grin, and I was happy. Then there's the lost. The major one, Astley. Everything happens for a reason and his departure reverberates to everyone. I had to deal with a lost which I have never really dealt with before, maybe that's one thing that he wanted to teach me as well. I still think about him sometime, out of the blue. Wonder what he's doing and all. All and all, it's another year. Another year of me getting older, of me still getting frustrated with my life and worried about my life. There are many many things to be thankful about. Many many things. However, I don't want the same thing for 2008. I want something different. I want major changes with my life. It's scary but it's scarier for me if things remain the same. Please God help me move on.

I've gotta go peeps. Take care okay. Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo! Addio!

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