How Fragile Life Is

So I got online this morning, something which I don't do much these days because ... well, the only reason I do it was to mainly catch the Mr but it's been months since we last talked, so I guess he is so busy. Anyways, so I looked at the people in my contact list and JTG sent me a message "Have you heard about Pierre?". I hadn't but Ata's nickname was already quite obvious. Sigh. JTG gave me a brief story about it and gave me the article link. I was pretty stunned and shocked. I sms and emailed Vivy about it. I was contemplating if I should tell Gaby but I haven't done so, even until now. I just couldn't give such bad news.

Pierre, sigh. I was never actually close to him. I got to remember (perhaps) our last 2 encounters. One time was a few weeks after I left NUS, in the 151 bus. Exchanged "hi, how are you? What have you been doing". He was working with some theater company then or something like that. Then the last meeting was maybe last year or the year before, I kinda forget. Saturday morning, I was going to my morning engagement and I saw him. I exclaimed "Pierre!". He was with his cousins I think. A small "hi" then basically that's it.

I got to thinking much, I guess partly because of Astley too. Pierre had a freak accident just like Astley and the thought of how fragile life is just keep on playing in my head. I wonder what happened when that happened to them. Did they see it coming? Did they close their eyes and knew that that was it? Or they didn't think that it was death calling them? Did they manage to say a prayer? What was their last thought? Was it painful? Such torturing thoughts, really. The more I think about it, the more I got to feel really sad, and this despite of me of not being close to Pierre. Sigh. It's all been written by God but I guess the tragic demise just makes you wonder "WHY?" over and over again, why does it have to happen that way?

Anyways just like Astley, I'm so sure Pierre will surely be missed a lot because just like Astley, Pierre had done a lot, to Kent Ridge Hall, to all the productions that he had helped. I guess for us the living, what we should learn from the people who leave us is to make sure that we have done as much as we can in our life. So when we are gone people do feel our presence in their lives.

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