Eka and the Real Boy

The title of the post is in reference to Lars and the Real Girl which I watched yesterday with La Gioia, yMaggio, NanSee, and Gascoigne. So it's not something related to me finding the "real boy". It is still non-existence as ever. I was interested in Lars and the Real Girl because of Ryan Gosling whom I love dearly after watching Half Nelson. I think Lars and the Real Girl is not as amazing as Half Nelson (which if you haven't watched, please please try to get this movie) however the idea for the story and Ryan's performance on it still deserve a bit of a clap. Lars and the Real Girl told the story of Lars, who was a nice boy (as what the town people said about him), who was a bit handicapped socially (or delusional as told in the movie), who bought a girl doll (intended purpose by the maker was as a sex doll) through the Internet and treated the doll as a real girl. Yeah, he's quite nuts. His family (his sister in law to be more exact) wanted the best for him so when the doctor said play along with it, she (dragging her husband / Lars' brother) asked the town to cooperate and accept Bianca (the doll) as a real girl, as Lars saw her. I found it to be the most remarkable part of the movie, the whole town accepted Bianca. When Bianca got sick, the town actually felt sad for her and they sent her flowers and stuff and they comforted Lars and when she died, they actually had a funeral for her. Yeah, I love it no matter how silly or twisted it may sound, I found it to be so touching. It all boiled down to (as Lars' sister in law said) the fact that the town did it all because they loved Lars, hence they all were willing to do everything for Bianca. Very true, very true. You know someone like / love you so much when they're willing to do things for the people around you (not just you) because it would make you happy. So sweet, isn't it? Anyways, the movie was moving in a slow pace as Gascoigne pointed out and I did wonder if everyone (except La Gioia) could take it. yMaggio said it was a nice movie. Gascoigne found it boring. NanSee said it was okay, at least not as dreadful as The Wind that Shakes the Barley. Yeah, she didn't sleep in this one

So today, I actually woke up quite late after forcing myself to sleep again when I woke up at 8 something. Got a nice surprise today, found out that I'm gonna have solitude for a week or so and it feels good. My internet connection seems to be doing fine today but we'll see if it's permanent. It's H-11 and I'm getting a bit panicky because I feel I'm running out of time. I should be using today to get as much thing into my head as possible and yet I am blogging now. An uncle is hospitalized back home for dengue fever and it's worrying. I hope he'll get out soon.

Well, alrighty, I should really do some useful stuff. Take care peeps!

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