The Yardstick

First heard the term yardstick during Saturday engagement from Carl (who's back) who said I'm her yardstick. I didn't know what the meaning of it and now I kinda understand a bit what it means. Strange thing this world is, because it seemed that I had been used as a yardstick for other people as well. It didn't feel good though, however I should just take it in my stride because I think (I think) I have done decently well and cover all my bases. Life is still tough though. Been answering questions a lot these days and solving stuff and it's tiring and annoying. I just felt that so much is being asked from me and that makes me not having enough time for myself. It seemed that I could never get away from the demand of being responsible. When I was young it's because I'm the older sister, now it's simply because as adult, you are expected to be the responsible one, to know better. I'm tired of it all and I'm so tired of hearing people complaining about stuff when they don't even have as much thing to deal with compared to me, but again they are young? Ah, enough about that.

Ms. Mun left us *sigh* somehow I was not too sad about it. I was kinda quite acceptant and okay about it, maybe I am getting more mature? But perhaps because we are not as close as me and starfish for example. She's way too talented anyway so she really deserves better things. Friday we had dinner for her farewell and to celebrate something (which I didn't help much) which ended that Friday with the award show. The PET led by il Gatto did the ultimate tease on me, that if I have to think and remember it, I can just go and hide myself in a closed space because it's so embarrassing. Still haven't had the chance to return il Gatto "the favor", but hopefully it can be done before this week ends.

Yesterday, I finally submitted the form which required my utmost dedication and commitment, which is yet to come from me. I am still lazing around and I'm kinda scared I will screw it up and that would be so heartbreaking because it cost me $280 and because of that I have to give it a miss for the Linkin Park's concert in November. It's really really sad and heartbreaking that I couldn't go for the concert, but after spending $640 yesterday, I really have to be a bit wise in spending my money. So I have no choice but spending it on the really important stuffs.

However, see I couldn't really control myself. Had lunch in the Globetrotters yesterday with La Gioia. I've just been wanting to try it since I pass it so often and La Gioia had also heard about it, so off we went. It seemed the manager was the one who served us and he was so friendly. Food was not bad, there's many more dish to try. Dinner was not a so cheap affair either. Met up with Vivy for dinner and movie. Despite of me not being so hungry, I still managed to gobble down some fattening Padang food. I just love Indonesian food I suppose.

Watched The Nanny Diaries with Vivy. It was a bit more drama than I expected. I thought it would be more comical, but it wasn't really so. I also felt that it was rather long. It didn't really give much impression on me, a bit boring at times but I suppose because the drama quite strong. The little boy was rather cute though, cute because he could really portray the sadness that he felt. Chris Evans was of course handsome. Hmm...I kinda think handsome guys are so out of my league. Oh well ... Anyways, yes that's pretty much all about the movie that I can say.

The body is finally showing signs on normality. Thank God. I'm still tired though, I want to go home. I'm tired of being a yardstick. I hope it's all worth it.

Oh yeah, I kinda miss the Mr. Left him messages and he didn't reply. Mr, if you are reading this, can you just tell me you are breathing, that everyone is still breathing?

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