questo Martedi 02/10/07

Not feeling so well today. Well I don't know, in a way I am okay but I felt so woozy since the time I woke up, but then I could stand up so it seemed that I was fine. There were lots of moment today when I felt that I couldn't take it and I should just go to the doctor and check what's wrong with me, but 5 minutes turned into 10 and I didn't faint and so I went on. I also survived my 2 hours today. In a way, I am thankful to God who help me surmount today. Sometime you thought you just couldn't take something anymore and yet you stay another minute and before you know it that minute turns into hours and perhaps days and then one day you realize that you finally did overcome those things which you think you couldn't take anymore. For me those moments always come with contentment and satisfaction and pride for myself.

Anyways, managed to watch Chuck and Larry today. I know I am so freaking naughty. I should just go home and rest but I just couldn't resist Tuesday movie alone. Was rather tempted to ask Vivy to help me locate the movie, since she is now back in NUS. Yes, she is back people. Had dinner with her yesterday in the new Arts canteen. It was my first time being there during dinner time. We ate at the Burger King area and I realized that the view from the window was kinda romantic. Surprising, who knows the NUS lights can be that adorable. But perhaps that's because we sat rather far, so I didn't see quite clearly. Maybe the actual view from the window seats was not that amazing.

Okay back to Chuck and Larry. Surprisingly it was really entertaining. I had lots of laugh. It was really gay, so gay! But it was rather sweet in a way. Adam Sandler's character was a bit of jerk and he kinda balanced Kevin James' character which if you saw it on its own, was rather too nice. Gosh, I have no energy to write much. I would recommend this to all of you for some light entertainment. It was funny. I felt the message of accepting gay relationship was delivered quite nicely and touching as well.

Gonna leave you with this picture. I just feel like posting the pictures you see now. The sunset was taken on August 18, 2007. I didn't realize it came out quite dark. I always look forward looking at sunset at this particular place. Everyday I try to look for it. On some days it was awesome. On that day when I took the picture, it was calming, bitter, sad ... because ... ah, oh well. I kinda wonder about Astley these few days. I actually put his name there, when I normally use nickname. I hope he's okay. Take care peeps!

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