of Weekend Updates - 20/10/07

Gonna write this in points, simply because the thoughts are scattered and I haven't been doing it for a while.

1. whoaa...the weather feels rather hot now.

2. Starfish came for lunch on Monday and he brought me rendang and lontong. Ah, he's so nice and I was so crazy for finishing it all in 1 sitting. I hope thing goes well with his mawar. Anyway, that kinda reminded me of the fact that there are so many people who are so nice to me and I'm not sure that I have been as nice to my surrounding. I got reminded also to the time this year when I got rice dumplings from yMaggio, Jane (who called the night before and said she was bringing me one) and Ms. Mun. I was so happy and kinda touched. Astley actually also called to ask me if I wanted him to buy me some because he was out. I declined the offer because I got 3 and he said how come I could get 3 and he's not getting any Yeah, people have been nice and I should learn to be nicer as well.

3. Went to watch Superbad with La Gioia and Gascoigne yesterday. At one point I felt rather strange because the group felt small. I suppose it's because of Gascoigne. I mean if it's me, La Gioia, and NanSee, it doesn't feel strange, I suppose because it's a girls outing, that's all. The combination of me, Gascoigne, and La Gioia just felt rather strange, though only for a few seconds. Superbad was crazy! We had lots of laugh. The language was full of vulgarity that it felt like a whole new way of speaking, like a new language, and I felt like I had to keep up with all the cursing to understand what they were talking about. The jokes were crude but nonetheless they were really funny. Some parts of the stories felt like stretching it way too far but this movie is really something that you shouldn't take seriously. It's so called like a teenager's dream of doing something really bad ass Oh sorry, I didn't give you an idea of what the story is about. Superbad told the story of these 2 loser guys (which actually appeared quite ordinary compared to their super geek friend) who wanted to get laid before going to college because of course it's a capital sin to be entering college without "experience". They had some girls in mind. One of the girl invited them to a party and make them in charge of the booze. So these 2 guys with their timid super geek friend (who happened to be the only one with the fake ID) tried to get the booze and the movie basically told the adventure they went through in getting them and whether or not they managed to get laid. The "adventure" parts were the parts of stretching it way too much, but all in the name of humour. Funny, really funny. Interesting movie and quite entertaining I must say. Other than the quest for sex, the movie actually also put a lot of emphasis in the friendship and bond between these 2 guys, which actually was so sweet. Gascoigne said no though, it's so not like that between him and his friends, or so he said So if you don't mind such humour and crude language, you may have lots of laugh like us.

4. After the movie we had dinner. Actually nothing special about it. It's just I realize how I have been spending way too much money this month. The latest spending was a trip home in December, which was actually considered quite cheap, but considering all the amount I have been withdrawing, well I seriously have to really cut down on entertainment.

5. Not just about money, I have to really get my act together fast. Less than a month before something and I just don't want to fail. I seriously don't want to fail and failing is going to be depressing. I don't know if I can survive it. Yes, it may sound like I am being so drama now, but I really don't take failure well and emotional distraught is really something that I cannot take these days.

6. Had morning engagement as usual today. Again, I felt it was unfair because when I had to wake up, God was giving us some rain, so unfair! I arrived and Sabrina said L'ultimo livello, brava! I said Si, ho paura un po. Bitter sweet I suppose. Reaching this far and it's actually ending but I'm not thinking much about it because November is dangling in my head. We have Concetta. It was my first time seeing her and apparently I'm not the only one who thought she looks like Laura. Today, again, I have the realization of how far the journey we have made, from that first day I shared with Carl, to now when everything was nearly said in one language only. I remember when Sabrina started to enforce it on us, we were confounded but there's really a difference now, I think we are not intimidated that much anymore. I thought we did were in a bit of a daze this morning, I guess we all felt it's way too early for our brain to work

7. So we had a discussion on a difficult article before we left. Had a laugh because we really were lost and I kinda stretched my imagination a bit in understanding the whole thing. Some parts I was completely wrong but on other parts I was right. This makes me realize, I do often rely on my senses to analyse thing and make assumption, sometime I am dead on right, other times I can be so strayed and it can be so damaging Anyway, I just want to say that today was quite fun. In the middle of the discussion when I was tossing idea, Prabh said something like ah, don't be an idiot I wasn't offended because there was reason to laugh but I do realize that man I also say that a lot, idiot! stupid! and all. Actually it's not so polite, right? Then I realize when I want to express such remark in another way, I ended up using something like dumb ass!

8. On the topic of senses and assumption, I was making an assumption about something quite personal recently and I was somewhat troubled about it. Then I found out my assumption was completely off. In a way I am relieved but it doesn't erase the fact that something will not work. So I am relieved in one area and it feels really good actually however there are other areas which are worrying but I should stop all this worrying nonsense, right? Just need to march on and take it one step at a time and pray more.

Okay, I think that's about it. I quite miss the Mr. really, but I guess the new role really takes lots of energy. Take care peeps!

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