No Reservations

Went to watch No Reservations today. It's Tuesday so as usual, I got to do it alone and I've so been looking forward for this alone movie time. It was around 2 weeks ago since I last watched a movie and that felt pretty long. I have so many more movies that I want to watch. With Vivy coming back soon, I think I may get to watch all the movies that I want. Got my GV membership card today as well. It felt rather natural, since I love movies so much. Ask my family and they will concur that I'm a movie freak, because when I was young (and poor and couldn't afford to watch as many movies as I like) the TV was inseparable with me. Now I still love the TV so much too. What can I say, I just love stories. Okay, let me write about No Reservations first.

I got interested with this movie because from the trailer it seemed like it was about this chef who was so in control with things in her life and then things got thrown off course with the addition of new things and changes in her life. I kinda can imagine that if Vivy was here, she would be interested in watching it because of Aaron Eckhart which she kinda likes since watching him in Thank You For Smoking and Conversations with Other Women. I did think he was interesting in Thank You For Smoking but I supposed it was only after this movie, No Reservations that I do think he has some kind of charm, but it could also be because of his character in this movie. His character was like, you know this guy that perhaps you also have known back in school in your younger days, the guy who likes to joke around and tease you and do silly stuff and perhaps on the verge of being annoying and yet you are drawn to such a guy. Maybe because this type of guy is always interesting and able to make you smile and laugh? Anyway, that was his character in this movie, you can add being sweet and gentleman to it, and can cook! So that kinda makes him even more desirable Anyway, he was alright, Catherine Zeta-Jones (I do think she's kinda pretty) and Abigail Breslin were also alright. I do think Abigail has potential and can make it even better and bigger as she grows older, that is if she doesn't stray like the so many child actors are as they are getting older. The movie storyline was pretty predictable, not much surprise. The food was glorious. Now it makes me hungry *sigh* So final verdict is, if you want something light to watch, a little lovey dovey stuff, and you have money to spend, then you can watch this.

Okay, that was short. I suppose because there's not much to say about the movie. So how about me? After another quite high Internet bill, I decided to re-contract my broadband connection with a new plan. Was hesitating about this even after the S$80 something bill last month (which made me feel that I needed some parental scolding). I guess because I have commitment issue, I just don't know if I can complete the contract and to be honest I hope I wouldn't be around that long to complete it. So after much calculation, I decided to go on with the re-contract, because I think I can pay the balance if I terminate it early.

Finished reading Harry Potter, well actually no. I still have the epilogue to read. A bit disappointed with some parts but let me write about Potter later, on another post.

Managed to meet Emilia and her peeps on Saturday night, just for a very short while. Didn't get to exchange story much. She managed to squeeze in a trip to Malaysia and Singapore in less than a week, I think it's pretty cool. I have to admit, her presence kinda made me miss home a lot. I miss being at ease with everything.

I'm tired, I'm just tired, very tired. My body is still weird. I couldn't sleep much. The latest strange dream was being caught in a blazing fire, but no worries, the fire couldn't hurt me and the people I was with. Was it because of Potter that I dreamt that, I don't know. Personally I'm stunned that I can still wake up every morning and have the strength to go through the day. As bad and embarrassing as I am for saying this, I secretly prayed to God to let me have a bit of sickness because I think that's the only way I can stop and actually rest. I need the break, I really do because I'm going mad. I wanted to scream my lung out in a bus stop yesterday, imagine that *sigh* I didn't but I did say an audible freaking hell, which caused an auntie to look at me and smile. God bless her.

On a very personal note, I'm in a daze mode. Today I realize the perfect Indonesian word to describe it is tertegun and to be honest I can't find any other better word to describe how I feel. Beneran nggak nyangka, kok jadinya begini? Hmm...memang udah agak salah dari awalnya kali, jadi terima saja? Segala sesuatu yang terjadi ada sebabnya dan mungkin sebabnya sudah terjalankan, jadi ini saatnya kita harus melangkah ke depan. Meski bila sebabnya belum terjalankan pun, mungkin kita akan mengerti mengapa kalau kita sudah melalui ini. Setiap rasa, terutama rasa yang menyakitkan hanya akan membuat kita lebih kuat dan mendewasakan kita bukan? Or perhaps, I'm just being paranoid and overly sensitive about things, but my feeling about it is pretty strong and somehow ... sepertinya ini untuk yang terbaik *sigh*

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