The Simpsons Movie

Finally managed to watch a movie today. Alone as well. I'm sure you know which movie I am talking about, as the title said. It felt quite long since I last watched a movie, but the fact is, it was perhaps only two and a half weeks ago. I really loved the solitude when I watched it alone today but that is actually a contradiction (more about it later). The Simpsons Movie was quite nice actually. Really entertaining. I had quite a laugh. Felt a bit funny though when the movie first started because of the way the animation is, 2D. I guess we've been entertained with 3D animation way too much that it took me quite a while to truly adapt with the whole scenes. Story wise, it was not bad. Very Simpsons I must say. They didn't try to be smart, they were just Simpsons. A good entertainment and I would recommend this to anyone who want a simple and easy thing to watch. I stayed until the credit was rolling as Ms. J was telling me, but I don't know if I had watched all the extra scenes. I left when the Simpsons left. Oh yeah, I wanna say that I was surprised that the pink doughnut wasn't really featured much (Homer wasn't even shown near it in the movie) though it did play quite central role in the whole story. Alright, end of review.

So back to the contradiction I was mentioning above. I felt I kinda miss Rista but then I realized it is not her that I miss. I miss the familiarity. I miss being at ease and being the loud and talkative me with people who understand that about me. I miss eating. I don't think I have eaten to my delight these days, okay maybe today's dinner wasn't bad. I miss Vivy and going for dinner or movie or lunch with her. I kinda feel lonely and a bit restless. The irony is, I think there are actually people whom I can spend time with. I mean if I ask them to accompany me to do some stuff, they may actually say yes, but I do not want to. My anti-social mood is very high these days that I kinda feel it's a bit of a torture to hang out with these people. I just feel that I have to adjust myself to these people. The one that I actually want to spend time with, is perhaps not so interested in spending time with me, sigh. I want to go home.

Life has been ... worrying for my mom I guess. She's afraid I'll get sick and last week she was kinda worried with my stress level that she told me to eat chocolate You gotta love my mom! Well I have Mrs Fields' cupcake that I'm gonna attack soon. God, how I believe eating nice stuff can make me happy. Anyways, life has been ... I have been living it, that's all I can say. So much to worry about and yet I just try to do what I can. I found myself saying yes a lot, in which I don't know if I'm actually digging my own grave. If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it? Oh please help me God. Haven't been sleeping well and didn't feel like sleeping as well. Finally started reading Potter. I am loving it though from the few chapters that I had read, there were already too many deaths. I wonder if it's necessary. If J.K Rowling wanna say that this is no shit, this is serious stuff, well I just feel it's kinda too sad, it had to be on the expense of people / creature dying. Anyway, it's too early for me to comment. Will write more about it when I'm done (if I have the time).

The people in Jakarta are voting for the governor tomorrow. I wonder if it's only for Indonesians staying in Jakarta. I am not allowed to vote? I want to vote! It's been a long time since I last voted and I want to vote. It's kinda fun though as my mom said it's not gonna change anything. My mom speaking like a true Jakartans. She said the traffic jam will still be horrendous, the flood will still come, it will not make much of a difference. Many will agree with my mom's sentiments. I guess all we can do is pray? Take care peeps!

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