Rush Hour 3

Managed to watch Rush Hour 3 alone today. NanSee thought I was being crazy for watching a movie alone, again. However I think she's being foolish. I could perhaps have arranged to watch it with someone, but I think it would rather be a waste of breath. Doing it alone means doing it on my own terms and I don't have to accommodate with people and I love it. Starfish may perhaps shake his head again. On Saturday night he told me that he's been thinking and he thought that I was in danger. To be honest fear swept through me when he said that because life hasn't been smooth sailing for me these days and I thought he knew something that I don't. It turned out he just wanted to point out that my solitary self can be unhealthy and he's worried that it has turned that way. I agree with him However I'm still too stubborn or perhaps lazy to get out of my wall.

Anyways, Rush Hour, it was not bad. Somewhat entertaining. There were many funny moments. I think Chris Tucker is crazily hilarious. Story wise, I think it wasn't amazing but all the funny moments and lines made it not so bad. I quite enjoyed the goofs at the back of the movie, I think that little parts really help making the movie so much worth watching. Alrighty, I can't really say much else. Ciao tutti.

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