Went to watch Ratatouille with the usual peeps yesterday, La Gioia, NanSee, Gascoigne, and Lois. To be honest, yesterday I wasn't really keen on going out with them. The anti social feeling is still going on pretty strong and I wanted to watch my movies alone. The initial plan was to watch Hairspray but then I saw that Ratatouille was out and so we went to watch that. It is rather difficult to get good seats if you do not make your booking in advance and since I made it at around 4 pm, not much seats were left. I was being rather fussy about it and so we ended up watching the digital one at 9:45 pm. Not really that excited about the time slot but I supposed we had no choice. During the movie I was so tired that I was thinking "God, if only it wasn't this late and I wasn't this tired, I would be able to enjoy the movie more". The good part about the late time slot was that we had time to eat "fanciful" food. I really needed some comforting Indonesian food. I hope the peeps enjoyed it though. I guess La Gioia could appreciate it This reminded me, we have a teppan-yaki place we need to go to. I love eating!!!

Right then, back to the movie. Going into the movie, I just felt that Ratatouille was just so beautiful. The mind kinda wandered off to The Simpsons and I was thinking that cartoons like Ratatouille is really the cartoon of our time and age. This is what we are used to now. The story itself was really nice. I have to say that this is perhaps the best cartoon this year, definitely so much better than Shrek. It had a story about family, about going against all odds to achieve what's stirring inside you, about honesty, and of course about food. Can I say again that the movie is beautiful? It was really really beautiful that you just feel good seeing the scenes. I kinda loved the scene when Remy the rat was explaining the feeling he got when he ate nice food, there were explosion of colors and you can just really relate to that. As starfish told me weeks ago, Ratatouille is a definite must watch. Oh, I must tell you what came in to my mind as I watched the movies. The eyes of the characters, especially the human characters, they were just too shiny, so I was thinking that it's so not like a human, but I suppose that's where the cartoon element come along. Oh yeah, the part where the rats cooked were quite cute, though I still felt grossed out seeing so many of them.

On other news this week. Life has been bearable. Founding my self feeling so disorganized and I don't know, I just feel worried that something is gonna smack me out of the blue. Had a barbecue gathering in memory of the pet uncle last Tuesday. He had wanted one during the National day holiday but the response was not encouraging at that time. So we had it on his 7th day. The irony of people dying, you regret not doing stuff with them when they were alive and you tried to make it up afterwards when they're not with us anymore. However I think the barbecue served a purpose of making us feel better and start having fun again. Personally, I tried not to think about what happened to him, because if I have to reminisce, sadness will just come. I guess only until I am totally okay about it then I can start seeing more of his pictures. I thought the barbecue was great, everyone seemed to be having a good time. Some may still be in a mellow mood, I hope they will be okay real soon. I just felt really good hanging out with those people. It's kinda nice eating, talking, playing with everyone. I know for sure the pet uncle would have loved such fun. So I guess we did good. Okay, I have to go and be responsible now, and so let me leave you with a beautiful scene from Ratatouille.

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